Mitaki Temple

OK! So it’s hot an oppressive in the city. 29 degrees, the humidity is about 75% and rising because we have had a weather warning for severe thunderstorms tonight. This morning I went to Mitaki Temple, but it’s not just a Temple. There are sprawling landscaped gardens and buildings nestled in woodland up the hillside. It’s a bit of a climb to the top but well worth it as it’s a photographers paradise. Little waterfalls, ponds, dappled light through the forest. You get the picture. Well you don’t as I’m going to show you this building instead.

It’s the Tahoto two storey pagoda dating back to the Muromachi period (1392-1573). The pagoda was relocated from Wakayama Prefecture in 1951 to console the souls of the A Bomb victims.

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  1. It’s nothing in comparison to 42-43 C here. We have been getting sand storm for last few days, on and off. Enjoy your trip, Mike

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  2. A very pretty scene here. The reddish tree on the right looks to be a Japanese maple but I am only guessing. The Japanese maple is planted here in Texas and I think else where, as a specimen plant in the landscape. Some of my neighbors have a tree in the back yard. The trees are very slow growing and very expensive in the nursery trade. I never bought one and wish that I had done so, many years ago. It would be a beauty now if I had had the good sense to buy a small one back then.


    1. Correct, Yvonne, Japanese Maple. According to my son this is one that stays red all year long. But on the hillside where we were there are different varieties growing and Autumn is the best time to see them

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