Literally means grilled meat and I’ve just experienced one of the best, if not pricey, at JoJoEns. I no longer use Trip Advisor but if I did this restaurant would come top.

Thin slices of meat, cooked over a hot grill. If you’ve ever had a Korean Barbecue you’ll get the idea. But this is done Japanese style with prime cuts of meat, accompanied by slow cooked beef soup. I’ve never had beef so tender.

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    1. There was more meat to the side, Yvonne, we left there absolutely stuffed. I skipped breakfast this morning because of last nights meal. They only use the best meat, Wagyo, Kobe, etc. Cut thinly as it is it only needs the shortest time cooking on the grill. But it’s also the attention to fine detail. They came regularly and changed over the griddle grill. Everything was done with much Japanese skill. Little hand gestures, asking before they did anything like removing plates, a slight bow before leaving your table. They really made you feel special and it was their utmost pleasure to serve you

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