Fukuya Department Store

The plaque you can see in the photograph shows the store after the A Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

That’s the store today on the opposite side of the road.

The inscription says that the store was approximately 710 metres from the blast centre but it’s construction of steel rods and reinforced concrete meant that it fared better than other buildings in the area.

However it was only the framework that survived. Everything inside the building was destroyed by the shockwave, intense heat and subsequent fires from the Atomic Bomb.

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  1. The store looks very modern now. It is a shame that we had to bomb the country in order to stop the torture and invasion by the Japanese. If only history could be rewritten. But that is not to be. I admire the Japanese very much. They are so industrious and ahead in many areas or at least that is my understanding.


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