Big In Japan

Today finds me on the inland sea. I’m on the ferry from Matsuyama back to Hiroshima, a trip of about 2 hours 40 minutes. About is the wrong word to use in Japan when it comes to official times. If they say 2h 40m that’s exactly what they mean.

Anyway it’s big, the Royal Wedding, I thought I’d get away from it by visiting Japan, but no chance.

It’s there, on the telly, in the ships lounge. Oh! Woe is me.

Well I’m nearly at the end of my time in Japan with only a few things left to do on my bucket list. Tomorrow it’s an early start. I’m catching the 7:15 train to Kyoto for a day full of photography. Then one day left to finish anything I’ve missed in Hiroshima, which takes me to Tuesday and my flight to Manchester via Hong Kong, finally getting home on Wednesday.

It’s been fun doing these one photograph posts using my iPhone and the WordPress app. So like out for my final few posts beginning with Kyoto tomorrow.

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    1. The camera in the phone is not too bad Yvonne. But I did bring both my cameras to Japan with me and I’ve been using them extensively as well as my iPhone. I don’t mind the weight too much and since I switched to Olympus a few years back my camera bag has got considerably lighter, as have I this past two weeks. According to my iPhone I’ve covered 46.5 miles of walking and with just two meals a day I expect I’ve lost a couple of pounds

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      1. An impressive 46-5 miles. My goodness. You have been picking up your foot and putting it down- a lot! And weight loss to boot. You must be in great shape or you would not be able to pack your gear around and walk those miles as well. πŸ™‚

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  1. I could never rely on my mobile as I all too often forget to charge it, or leave it still plugged in at home when I’m out and about. My camera, though, I will always remember.


    1. I’ve used my mobile more on this trip mainly because it was convenient for writing the one photograph blog posts. But all my main photographs for this trip were done with my Olympus and Panasonic cameras


    1. These two weeks of posts have been an experiment to see if I could use my iPhone in conjunction with the WordPress app to do quick posts if I’m on the move. I think it has been successful so I may well do more of them when I’m travelling

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