Shukkei-en Garden

After the overcrowded gardens of Kyoto it was really nice to visit somewhere peaceful and quiet, yet right in the heart of the city of Hiroshima.

Shukkei-en Garden has a history dating back to 1620 when an expert in the construction of Japanese gardens was brought in from Kyoto by the seventh lord of the Hiroshima Han.

The lake in the garden is full of Carp and you can buy food to feed them for a very modest fee.

So that’s it. My final one photograph post from Japan. Tomorrow I take the Shinkansen to Hakata and the airport before flying to Hong Kong.

It’s been fun writing these posts whilst I’ve been in Japan and I hope you have enjoyed them.

I’ve crammed so much into this trip so look out for more posts about Japan with lots of photographs, once I’ve recovered from the jet lag.

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