Feral Goats In Dinorwic

Sometimes you just get lucky. I haven’t written anything to Say It With A Camera in weeks. Just no interest in blogging. But today I got lucky and found the goats down on the lower slopes, just minding their own business. Too good an opportunity not to share. Have I got the will to start writing again…….I hope so.

10 thoughts on “Feral Goats In Dinorwic

  1. Never know where inspiration for a blog posts come from. Those really are some amazing goats. All my best to you Mike. Thank you.

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  2. Interesting photo of the goats! I’m glad you came across them. As far as writing goes, I find my desire to write ebbs and flows, or sometimes sputters and stops. In those dry spells, it’s photos that keep me going. Thanks for sharing yours.

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  3. As a fledgling and struggling photographer, (2 years) I have a lot to learn and am eager to know more. Our local photo club has provided a great kick start, but tidbits of info from fellow bloggers are also welcome. Mike, you have a wealth of experience you can share, and I for one look forward to your travels, photo info, and the part of the world that surrounds you. Looking forward to many more from you. A question, how close to the goats were you? Those horns look menacing. Cheers.

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    1. Hi Dan. Good to hear you are getting help from your local club. That’s what we base our club on, not competitions, but helping new members. As to the goats, no more than 5 -10 ft away from them, but separated by a fence. They roam free on the mountains and I’ve come across them before with no fence in the way. Normally they will avoid you but it’s best not to take chances, so I normally use a 75-300mm telephoto lens if I seen them about. This time because they were in the quarry the had wandered into a fenced off part, only fenced off to keep us humans from falling over a sheer drop. But the goats have no trouble there, they seem to be able to tackle any terrain.


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