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Have you seen the announcement last week from WordPress that we can now have .blog subdomains. They have reserved 28 subdomains including art, health, politics, travel, there’s even one for photography with a .photo.blog. That’s really good, but the downside is you need to create a new blog.

Now, being quick on the uptake, and before anyone else could get in, I decided to register a site for photography with my name included. So I now have a brand new wordpress.com site with one of the new subdomains; mikehardisty.photo.blog

At the moment the site has no content but I got to thinking that maybe I could use this new site to start again, this time using the WP Media Server instead of Flickr for the photographs.

As regular readers will know I documented last week the problems Say It With A Camera is going to have in the coming New Year when SmugMug starts deleting photographs from non-pro Flickr accounts. This blog will have so many broken links that I suspect Google will stop indexing it.

Interestingly, yesterday I found a plugin for Adobe Lightroom that allows me to publish straight to the WP Media Server from Lightroom. As I use Lightroom for all my photograph cataloguing and processing this makes working with the WP Media Server so much simpler to use, especially as I can control the file size. The photographs of Bonnie and Teddy were done this way and as far as I can see it works fine.

I am now in the process of evaluating starting a new blog, looking at the pros and cons. Sure it will be a challenge starting again, but I think I need that challenge in light of the fact that my input to this blog had almost dried up.


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  1. You’ve given me the push I needed to get going and start a new blog. The timing is a bit iffy though, just before Christmas. Couldn’t they have left it until we all have more time in the dead period between Christmas and New Year?

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    1. What I will do Yvonne, is stop writing on this blog, “Say It With A Camera” and start writing on the new one, probably in the New Year, if I decide to go ahead with the changeover. If I do I will announce it.

  2. Hey Mike – I’m glad you’re not giving the game away. I was going to comment on that post last week but never got around to it. But now, here is an opportunity. This article covers moving your flikr to wordpress. And if you wanted to you can migrate the whole existing site should you wish. I look after a few WordPress blogs and understand the pain.

    need any advise just ask

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  3. Good to hear Mike and good luck. A new blog in your own name could provide just the challenge you probably need as well as fresh impetus for your photography and writing. Good move from WP, but too committed to take it up now. Looking forward to your new posts. Lovely dogs – they are sure to provide lots of love and affection.

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    1. I used to write a lot of my blog posts in my head when I was walking the dogs, Helen. I realised the other day that I had started that process again, thinking about a photograph I wanted to show.

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