I’m A Lady

Hi, my name is Bonnie and I’m a tri-colour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Bonnie is a 5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Up until recently I lived on the island of Anglesey but sadly my owner passed over to Rainbow Bridge; me and my mate Teddy had to go and stay at the doggie hotel, near Prestatyn.

Now doggie hotels can be ok but nothing beats a comfy settee and a warm bed at night so when prospective new members of our family came to see me and Teddy, we were checking out who’d give us the most cuddles and treats.

In the end we picked this man and woman who seemed to fit the bill. Two square a day, three walks, a beach nearby to run on, comfy settees and a really warm bed, I’m in doggie heaven. Did I mention I’ve also got a new man in my life. He lets me snuggle up to him, sometimes give him a kiss or two and tickles me behind the ears. Fantastic.


4 thoughts on “I’m A Lady

  1. Mike, Bonnie is a beauty and I just know she and Teddy will be spoiled rotten, if they are not already. I bet you and your wife are happy to have those two fur babies to fill a void that was left when Grumpy went over the bridge. I like the fact that you got them from a shelter. I tell all my dogs that they are “used” or “pre-owned” dogs but that I love them the best of any human they have known before.

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    1. Oh they’re getting spoiled rotten, Yvonne. Bonnie really is a lap dog, She’s adop[ted me and wherever I go in the house I know she’ll be right behind me. The downside is she pines when I go out. Keeps going to the window to see if I’m there. The upside is, boy I don’t half get a welcome when I come home. Teddy on the other hand is still a young puppy. Inquisitive, sometimes too much, wants to play with his toys all day. it can be quite madcap at times. Especially when Warwick, my sons dog comes to play. The two of them mouthing each other, playing with toys and running around the house. Meanwhile Bonnie looks on with disdain and when it gets too rough she barks at them. It’s fun to watch two naughty boys slink away

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      1. The dogs sure do provide some good and cheap entertainment. And a spoiled dog is a happy dog. I think it gives one a good feeling to have an animal that loves us, in only the way that a dog or a cat can. Again, I am glad that you took both dogs. Two are better than one- as they say.

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