I’m The Young Whippersnapper

Call me Teddy, I’m Bonnie’s best mate and second everything she says. It’s cushy here.

Teddy is an 18 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Now I like playing with a ball and these two will throw it for me all the time. I’ve got them nicely trained now, didn’t take long. The tell me to “fetch” it, but I ignore them because it’s fun to watch them get off the settee and pick it up for me. Now and again, just to tease them, I do “fetch” it and their full of praise for me. But I’m one smart dog, I don’t need no kisses or cuddles like Bonnie does so I do my own thing.

2 thoughts on “I’m The Young Whippersnapper

  1. Teddy is one handsome dude. And ya’ll are already trained to fetch for the dog. I’m glad ya’ll are fast learners. Teddy is a good teacher. Love your write up. Too cute. Indeed those two landed in the lap of luxury.

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    1. Warwick is on a sleepover tonight, Yvonne. Bonnie is on her bed lying close to me in the office, snoring here head off, a Cavalier trait. On the other hand the two bad boys are busy playing tug with a rope toy, growling and barking at each other


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