Chester Cathedral

First of all an update to the SmugMug/Flickr situation. I have now taken steps to reduce the file count down to the 1000 that Smug now allow. This means that many of the early posts on Say It With A Camera are now going to have broken links as there are so many photographs missing. Nothing I can do about it.

I’ve taken steps to register a new blog Mike Hardisty Photography but I will hold that in a dormant state for the time being. By doing so I have reserved a sub-domain with my name. There are a few test posts on there, just to make sure it works.

It makes more sense for me to continue posting to Say It With A Camera. Photographs will now be uploaded to the WP Media Server. So you won’t be able to click on them to see a larger view. But I’ve chosen a theme that gives a reasonably large image size to start with.

Right let’s get some photographs up. Thursday I spent some time in Chester. The idea was to go Christmas Shopping but I couldn’t resist taking the camera with me and a quick visit to the cathedral seemed a good idea to test the new wide angle lens.

Carved wooden pews and beautiful tiled floor in Chester Cathedral

The photograph above was taken in the Choir and it looks towards the rear of the cathedral. Just to the left side of the Choir is this passageway leading to the Lady Chapel.

Side Passage
A side passage in Chester Cathedral to the left of the Choir and Lady Chapel

I couldn’t photograph in the Chapel because there was a service on, so I moved to the Cloisters, which were really busy. I waited about 15 minutes to get this gap in visitors.

Christmas At The Cathedral
Christmas trees in the cloisters of Chester Cathedral

Just off the Cloisters is the Chapter House. It’s a quieter part of the Cathedral so I was able to take my time to get this photograph.

Chapter House
Beautiful stained glass and polished floor in the Chapter House, Chester Cathedral

So that’s it for this post. I hope you enjoyed the photographs – Mike


25 thoughts on “Chester Cathedral

  1. These are marvelous photos of the cathedral in Chester. I like all of them but I think I like the long expanse with the Christmas trees and the stained glass image. The stained glass in those old cathedrals is remarkable. I wonder if all the glass is totally original in the old churches and cathedrals that you photograph? Hope all is well with you and your family and the dogs too, this Christmas season. Wishing you and yours a happy holiday.

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    1. Most of them are originals as far as I am aware, Yvonne. Although in some of the churches stained glass was often put in by Victorian families to commemorate someone dear to them. Dogs are doing ok but Teddy has a habit of barking at everyone he sees. He’s friendly enough, he just barks before going to them.

      Best wishes for Christmas and here’s to a healthy and happy new year

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      1. Teddy is just unsure and I’d give him plenty of time to adjust. On the other hand, that might be a good thing that he is leery of people outside the family. I’d be very cautious about taking him out in public- don’t know if he’d attempt to bite anyone- but I am sure you know to be well aware. My dogs all bark at strangers coming in- even my son but that is ok with me, Some dogs are just that way- natural watch dogs. Teddy is a very fine Looking dog and I am so glad that you gave both those sweet pups a home.

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        1. He doesn’t bite. Just barks and then wants to be friends, Yvonne. Slowly but surely he’s getting out of it, although just when I think he’s not going to do it anymore. what amazes me is it’s not service workers or anything like that, Postmen, trash guys, builders, he’s happy with. It’s the little old lady walking down the street he’ll bark at.

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  2. Excellent photos Mike. Just a couple of questions, did you use a tripod, and which lens did you use?
    Have a great Christmas and I look forward to seeing your new posts in 2019. Sheila x

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    1. I did use a tripos Sheila and the lens was the Olympus 9-18mm lens. I’ve shot before with the 12-40 but always thought the cathedral required a much wider angle to get things in


    1. Unfortunately it’s very hard in Chester cathedral to find somewhere quiet as it gets really busy with tourists. Sadly a sign of the times. They do have one little chapel tucked away for peace and quiet but you sort of have to know where it is.

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    1. Finally catching up with comments, Janet, We’ve had a houseful this year for Christmas. I’m going to be doing some more of them, even re-visiting places I’ve been to before. Now that I’ve got the wide-angle lens, can’t think why I didn’t buy it before, it opens new opportunities as I noticed when I took it to Chester.


  3. > Photographs will now be uploaded to the WP Media Server. So you won’t be able to click on them to see a larger view. But I’ve chosen a theme that gives a reasonably large image size to start with.

    Larger images are the best place to start anyways. Clicking on a thumbnail to see a larger image for each image is tiring, and doesn’t work well on mobile devices anyway,

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    1. Thank you for your comment Khurt. When I used Flickr I would upload a 2048 px wide image. Embedding it into a blog post it would come down to the size of the column width of the blog theme which is 994 px. If you wanted to see a bigger version you could click on it and it would take you to Flickr. That won’y happen now as I’m sizing the images to 994 px for the WP media server

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