Industrial North Wales

North Wales has a rich industrial heritage, probably best known for slate mining, but there were also copper and lead mines in existence.

Today’s post is really an experiment. Although I like the them I’m using on my blog I’m not too happy about the size of the images that are displayed. It was so different when I was using Flickr to host the images because you could just click on an image to see it full size. But that doesn’t happen now that I’m using the WP Media Server.

But I’ve been advised that there is a solution, so as an experiment let’s see if it works. Hopefully, once this is posted if you click on an image you will see a larger version.

Archway At Dorothea
Archway leading to the stables at Dorothea Quarry

Dorothea Quarry was one of the many quarries producing Welsh Slate, which was highly prized for its quality and shipped all over the world. Sadly like nearly all of the quarries, Dorothea no longer produces slate and has fallen into disrepair. At one time you could wander freely around these old quarries and there were some great photographs to be had, but increasingly they have become fenced off due to “elfin safety”.

Workshop in the National Slate Museum

Fortunately that industrial heritage has been preserved at the National Slate Museum, Llanberis. Here you can see the workshops and on the mountainside there is a marked trail through the quarry, fenced off either side, with magnificent views to the Snowdon Mountain Range.

Workshop Tools
In the National Slate Museum

I’ve just tested, using the preview button, as I’m writing this post in the WP desktop editor and it works.

Now you will be able to see a much larger version of my images if you click on them


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  1. Great set of pictures. Another solution is that you can use a better theme which removes the right side pane thereby allowing you more space for your pictures.


    1. The top photograph is a 5 shot HDR combined in Aurora HDR 2019. Nothing fancy just get the HDR I can use. Now the magic. NIK Color Efex with Foliage Enhance, Glamour Glow and Pro Contrast. I think I added a very light vignette as well.

      Middle one. Bit more complicated. HDR again then Topaz Studio where I used a series of textures to get the effect I wanted. Can’t remember the exact ones but I did use one called Graphic Sketch and blended it at about 35% using Overlay. This is what gives that cracked sort of lines look you can see on the walls and floor. Then it was just some textures to darken and give the grungy look.

      Bottom one had similar treatment to the middle one but then I used a bluish sort of texture to give a completely different look to what was rusty and brown in the original photograph.

      It’s very hard to describe exactly what I did because I usually experiment as I’m going along. Work in layers in Topaz Studio and as I add an effect I apply it which gives me a new image to work with. This way if I don’t like the next effect I can go back to what I did like

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