In The Studio

Last night I was in the studio plating around with lights. The idea was to set up some flash lights with different coloured gels and get the model to walk towards them in a criss-cross path. As she approached a light it would fire.

The Ghost
Studio set-up with flash lights firing as the model walked towards them

First of all got the model to pose roughly in the centre of the area were she would be walk and f11 was set as the aperture. This should ensure that from front to back of the models travel everything would be in focus.

To allow for the model walking across the floor it was timed at roughly 15 seconds so I set an exposure of 15 seconds in the camera. ISO was 200, the native ISO for the Olympus E-M1 Mk2. With such a long exposure the camera had to mounted on a tripod and to make sure blur wasn’t introduced when I pressed the shutter I also used a remote shutter release.

For a first time experiment I’m pleased with the results. It could have been better I agree but I got something I could use.

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