The Sunset That Never Happened

Well it did; the sun did set but the sky never lit up as expected. This past week we have been experiencing some glorious sunrises/sunsets and I had hoped that last night would be no exception. Sadly it was!

Frith Sunset
Olympus E-M1 Mk2 using a 3 shot HDR base exposure 1/13s at F11 ISO 200

As soon as I got down the beach I could see that big bank of cloud right on the horizon and knew it would dull any sort of real sunset. But I decided to hang around just in case

I was right. The sun has just about set and it was a very mediocre sunset compared to some of the ones we get here.

Olympus E-M1 Mk2 using a 3 shot HDR base exposure 1/3s at F11 ISO 200

Still it got me out for an hour or so whilst “she who must be obeyed” watched the Cup Final on TV. It also allowed me to keep practicing with the 9-18mm wide-angle that I bought a few weeks back.

9 thoughts on “The Sunset That Never Happened

    1. We got some really amazing ones here Alison. I suppose I get a feeling of disappointment when one is not so good. Still I can always go back when it is. Five minutes drive from my house to the beach and a quick walk across the sand dunes and I’m there.

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