Llandulas Sunset

This is going to be fun. WordPress have changed the familiar desktop editor for this new fangled Gutenberg thingy. Apparently you have to add blocks instead of just writing and adding photographs as you go along. Seems like a lot more work to me. But as I don’t have much choice now for blog post editing, I’m sort of stuck with it, so here goes.

At this point I now have to go back to the menu system and add a photograph block.

Olympus E-M1 Mk 2 F11 | 75s | ISO64

Well that was different, I sort of like the way it works and I sort of don’t. I suppose I just need to get used to a new way of working.

Anyway last night, myself and about 18 other photographers from Prestatyn Camera Club arrived at Llandulas with the intention of capturing some sunset photographs and maybe also doing some long exposures as well. Some people like the milky effect on water you get from a long exposure others don’t.

A snapshot steals life that it cannot return. A long exposure [creates] a form that never existed.

Dieter Appelt

We were also using this as a bit of a teaching exercise with more experienced photographers giving advice to new members. Things like aperture and exposure settings, composition and even safety advice. For instance, if you’re going to clamber across rocks, put your camera back in your bag. If you slip and fall it can be a painful and expensive exercise in many ways. Or if you are sticking your tripod with camera attached into the sea, stay close to it. You never know when a big wave might come in. Also check the stability of your tripod now and again, wave action can undermine the surface your tripod is standing on.

Olympus E-M Mk2 F11 | 53s | ISO200

Just a short post this week. I’m trying to get back into a regular weekly posting schedule but life seems to be getting in the way at the moment.

Update: just before I pressed Publish I found a hidden menu item which allows me to go back to the classic WordPress Editor

25 thoughts on “Llandulas Sunset

  1. Your images are stunning. I haven’t tried the new editor, but have been thinking about it. Good to know there is a way back to the classic editor if needed.

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  2. Hi Mike – I had to switch over to the new WordPress a couple months ago on a blog that is not a free one like wordpress.com is, but one I can use for affiliates. Anyway, I have hated it from the start – I still hate posting on that site as the blocks are harder to use I think. And I do not like that there are not two tabs, Visual and Text, to click between. I did figure out that CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+M switches between them. I know they think it is more intuitive, but for me it is awful. I am dreading the day they make me switch on wordpress.com – so far it is still the old version. Just my take on it……

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    1. In a comment below Daniel explains that we may not have much choice soon in which editor we use Syd. Looks like I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get on with it


  3. I’m still using the old editor and will as long as it is available. It fits me like a glove (or an old comfortable pair of shoes)!

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    1. I’d like to stick with it Margy, previously I used Windows Live Writer until Microsoft stopped it working in Win10. I moved to the WP Editor and found it a natural fit after WLW. But alas it looks like we will have to change. Have a look at Daniel’s comment below


      1. A blog called Speckyboy wrote in February: “Classic editor is scheduled to be supported until at least the end of 2021.” Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


  4. Always love your photos, and this time enjoyed your piece of advice about the old editor still being a choice. It’s so easy that I see no need to change. Hope they continue to give us a choice.

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      1. A little update to my comment, the Classic Editor plugin will be supported until 2022 or as long as it is needed. There’s a 3.5 year gap there of it working fine or for you to learn how to use the new editor and go back/forth between the two.


    1. I won’t be bothering. When the time comes when I have no choice I will switch to another platform. The block editor breaks ALL of the IndieWeb plugins.


  5. Yea for the Classic Post link! I finally found it too. There seems a rash of things changing at the moment, technology wise, and it’s getting tiresome.

    But your post made me smile. Thank you.

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