Let’s Get Together

Wednesday evening saw me at Greenfield Valley Heritage Park along with members of Prestatyn Camera Club for a club night out taking photographs or the ruined abbey and ruined buildings.

The park is approximately 70 acres of woodland – there are lakes, streams, monuments, historic factories situated around the park, lots of photo opportunities and best of all it’s free.

I’ve been to Greenfield Valley several times before and so I was looking for something different to photograph this time and starting at the ruined Basingwerk Abbey I found the shape of three windows being projected onto a wall by the low ling sun. For a bit of added interest I positioned myself so that my shadow would also be projected

Shadow of a photographer framed in sunlight through the window

I could go on to show you lots of photographs of the abbey ruins but I don’t want to do that, so here’s something else different.

Vibrant green coloured fern growing on a stone wall

Ferns get everywhere and I found this brightly coloured one growing on a wall in the abbey.

The idea for last Wednesday was to get out together shoot some photographs, describe settings we might use and generally just shhot the breeze on a nice sunny evening. Although not a problem we did all congregate around the abbey ruins at first and so we tended to get in each others way, so I set of for the lakes and waterfalls further into the park.

Every time I see a crowd of photographers surrounding a subject my impulse is to go in the opposite direction.

Ignacio Aronovich
Reflection of the clouds in a lake

There are 5 lakes in Greenfield Valley, each connected by a small river and weirs where the water drops down the hillside. At the time of the year many of the lakes are overgrown but this one wasn’t too bad and I managed to get a reflection of the clouds. Just for fun I used a 10 stop ND filter to make the clouds blur a bit. But to be honest, they really weren’t moving that much in the still evening air. The midges were out in force though and beginning to bite, so it was time to move away fro the lake and head to one of the waterfalls.

By now the light was starting to drop, I tried the 10 stop ND filter again but I wasn’t happy with the result to I switched to shooting brackets sets of three photographs with the intention of combining them using the HDR function in Lightroom.

Three bracket set (-1, -3, +1) combined in Lightroom HDR

That’s it. I hope you enjoyed the photographs – Mike



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