I Forgot To Put A Title To This Post

Point of Ayr, the site of an old colliery, three side of the site are fenced, the fourth side is open. Where’s the logic in that? Since my last visit, almost two years ago, nature has really taken over.

There’s not a lot to photograph on the site and the only real things of interest are slowly but surely being hidden in the vast carpet of undergrowth that has appeared.

Fortunately, following my instincts, and a dark path through a wood….

Line of trees along a dark path through the woods

…part of the old railway sidings, probably the most interesting thing on site, appeared in an open patch of scrub.

Overgrown railway tracks with switching point.

Just this short stretch of railway line. To the right is the lever to switch to another track.

Cleats that hold down track to sleepers at side of track

Further up, another piece of line. The cleats (no idea what they are really called) have been removed and the track has lifted over the tears from the wooden sleepers which the track lies on. Nowadays they are usually concrete, but as a matter of interest what do they call them in other countries?

My final image is a bit of a composite, made from two photographs, note I call it an image…

Composite portraits are absolute quackery! What next, composite landscapes?

Anonymous – The Photographic News, London 1888

Well yes! In a way I suppose you could call it a composite landscape. Here’s the background. I was watching a video on YouTube, a great source of conflicting photograph education, by a photographer called Andy Gray. In the video Andy describes his technique for creating Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) images.

I’m sort of on the fence at the moment as to whether I would do a lot of this, but seen as the sky was dull grey last night, it was worth having a go. I still don’t think I’ve got the techniques right, especially moving the camera but here’s my effort anyway.

Using ICM and combining two photographs together

The two distinct photographs, if you haven’t already worked it out, are the wheel combined with the statue of the pony and man.

Both photographs were brought into Photoshop as layers and then blended together using Multiply. Finally a touch of NIK Color Efex, specifically a bi-colour filter and that was about it.

Well, that’s it. I’d love to hear your comments – Mike

2 thoughts on “I Forgot To Put A Title To This Post

  1. I wonder if you did the same as I did – found Andy Gray via Thomas Heaton? Good image for a first attempt

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    1. Sure did David. First attempts I couldn’t even get them to blur and then i realised I still had the Olympus IBIS on. Had to turn that off before I started to see the effect.

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