I’m In Cairo, Egypt

Arrived late yesterday evening, only got today here before flying to Aswan to join a river cruise up the Nile to Luxor, then back to Cairo for two days before flying home

Let me tell you driving in Cairo is not for the faint hearted, so we used taxis to get around today.

First on our list was the Egyptian Museum, normally a 30 minute drive from where we are staying in the suburbs. Took an hour and a quarter today, traffic was horrendous and the pollution.

I didn’t take too many photographs in the museum, you need a permit. I based my decision on the fact that I will be able to take lots of photographs at the historic sites on the Nile cruise and trying to photograph through glass is a PITA.

I’m also using only my phone and my small Panasonic camera as you get a lot of hassle from the police if you use a Pro camera like the Olympus

That’s it another blog tomorrow, assuming I can get a signal on my ohone

6 thoughts on “I’m In Cairo, Egypt

  1. How strange that you can not use a pro camera. I wonder if the pro camera is equated with a professional photographer and they do not want anyone making money from photos taken in the museum. I hope that your trip in uneventful and productive.

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    1. I was advised not to take my main camera, Yvonne as pro cameras need a license. Thought it best to avoid any hassle, and you do get it from the police, and just take my little point and shoot. Not as good as my main camera but heood enough for web photos. Besides which I expected to see tourists in nearly every photograph I took and I wasn’t wrong. But hey I’m a tourist myself so I can’t complain too much

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      1. Well, I suppose by now that you are back in Wales, in time to avoid being on a plane with folks that could transmit the virus. People in he states are in mass hysteria over stockpiling toilet paper and disinfectants. I have always kept a decent supply of all those things including pet food. I have no idea why, other than I don’t like to be out of anything so I think I am ok for food, pet food, and other suppies.


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