Sunset on Rhyl Sea-Front

I have to say, I’ve never really got on with this new fangled WordPress blocky thing. Give me the good old fashioned Windows Live Writer anyday. It was far more intuitive and so much more easier to use.

Looking back it’s been a long time since I have written a post for Say It With A Camera, mainly because I lost interest in Photography and the Covid period. Yes! I caught it, but fortunately only a mild case.

We’ve been getting some good sunsets recently and a couple of nights back I thought I’d head down to my local beach and see what happens. It looked promising, from the house, but when you get down there on the beach, it’s not always so.

You get the camera. You see that the sky getting a little darker. You imagine there might be color in the sky. You might go to the place where you could see more sky, and everybody’s doing this at this moment. And instead of sitting there, and really enjoying that sunset, you’re snapping it.

Penelope Umbrico

That was me. Waiting for the sunset to happen I had a wander around Rhyl sea-front and found this interesting mosiac on the roof of the underground car park. It was a joy to be out, get a bit of fresh air, but I was banging away at the cameras shutter button instead of slowing down and appreciating the sunset that was unfolding in front of me. At this point I thought the sky in the background was a bonus.

E-M1MarkII 1/1000 sec at ƒ / 11 ISO 200

Instead it should have been the other way round, The mosaic in the foreground, especially as it had the compass points was the bonus for this photograph. In reality I should just have walked over to the wall, to stand and watch the amazing sky that was appearing in front of me.

Up on the roof it was a little bit windy, but it was nearly high tide; time to head down to the beach and see if there was anything worth photographing

E-M1MarkII 2.0 sec at ƒ / 11 ISO 64

For the image above I slowed the shutter speed, which allowed me to capture the foam on the incoming tide as moving streaks. Looking at the back of the camera after this shot, this seemed like the best idea for that evenings shoot.

E-M1MarkII 8.0 sec at ƒ / 14 ISO 64

Walking along the beach I found this ball which had been brought in with the incoming tide. I liked the way the foam was swirling around the ball, creating some good streaks and patterns

E-M1MarkII 1.6 sec at ƒ / 5.0 ISO 64

Talking of foam, the beach was covered in it and by now the wind was starting to get stronger. In the next photograph I was standing much closer to a big bank of foam and didn’t notice that my left hand side was covered in it, until after this photograph.

E-M1MarkII 4.0 sec at ƒ / 8.0 ISO 64

People say photographs don’t lie, mine do

David LaChapelle

None of my photographs are sraight out of camera. I shoot RAW and a RAW photograph is flat, boring and very dull. I use Lightroom and NIK Color Efex to bring out the colour and detail in my photographs.

Why should I let the software geeks and ultimately the processor inside my camera dictate what the final photograph will look like? It’s my photograph, my vision.

Mike Hardisty

I’ve actually completed a post. I suppose I should publish it.

11 thoughts on “Sunset on Rhyl Sea-Front

    1. I don’t know if this a one-off yet. I don’t get out as much to photograph things and as it’s all about what I see with the camera don’t know how often I will be posting. Thank you for your kind comment though


  1. What a welcome sight to see your post. Glad you survived Covid. Keep om clicking, they are always looked forward to. From Nanaimo , British Columbia. Cheers.

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  2. I was looking through my RSS aggregator for something to read and I saw a post from you. I questioned if it was a new post and glad I clicked through. Thank you for trying again! I’m almost in the same rut with writing and photography that I walked 180 degrees into developing an interest in fixing push and riding lawnmowers and photo dumping on Instagram instead of writing something new on my blog but never completing it enough to post it. I’m rambling on now. Good to see you again!

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    1. I’ll see how it goes Dan, When I wrote this one I was sparked with enthusiasm, I had a good night down on the beach and thought I must write about it.


  3. It is so nice to view your beautiful photographs. I have wondered if your posts were going to my spam folder. And I am very glad that you are well and posting again.


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