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Photography Grouch

1 . Stupid watermarks on even worse images , Why do some people insist on putting indiscrete watermarks their photos  that take up quarter of the page or even worse plonk it right in the middle of the photo ! – I look at some of these and sit there thinking why would anyone want to steal that let alone print and hang it ! , you’d be hard pushed to give it away ! if you insist on marking your image make it small and don’t let it detract from your photo !

2. Fuji owners – The arrival of the new Fuji medium format camera is great in my opinion if only for the fact that all the Fuji snobs can no longer brag about owning the top of the range Fuji camera unless they are will to fork out the 6k plus  required – in that respect…

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Has “Say It With A Camera” Lost It’s Way?

I’m not a stats guy. I don’t look at the WordPress stats every day, In fact I might not look at them for months and months. But one thing I am aware of. The number of comments on “Say It With A Camera” have dropped dramatically. So that prompted me to look at the stats…..and it’s depressing.

According to WordPress “Say It With A Camera” has 3481 followers and yet after I published my latest post for the weekly challenge only 80 people have viewed the post…..and looking back over past weeks it’s very similar.

On that basis I’m beginning to think is it worth my while continuing to blog.

Maybe it’s me, it’s possible I’m not writing anything that’s of interest. Or perhaps it’s the photographs?  I’m not looking for my ego to be stoked here. I just think something is missing and I don’t know what it is. If you do, I’d appreciate your thoughts, although going by current stats I’m unlikely to get much in the way of replies.

In the meantime I was taking a break from blogging whilst on holiday, but I think I will extend that break to give me time to contemplate the future of “Say It With A Camera”.

But I will leave you with a photograph – Mike

The Crypt

I Want To Paint My Door…

I’m back. Just had a really good break cruising to The Canaries, Madeira, Portugal and Spain. Oh! And an unexpected stop at Brest in France. More on that later.

Whilst I was away I shot 1793 photographs, a mixture of architecture, flora and fauna, landscapes, people and anything else that caught my eye. C’mon I’m was in tourist mode and over two weeks that’s not too bad a total. Of course being in tourist modes means that you get a lot of tourists in your photographs so I’ll probably reject a good two-thirds of them. I never get rid of them though, you never know when they might come in handy for some weird WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

Right then, some photographs. Wandering around the old town in Madeira I found a whole street where every door was painted with some beautiful artwork, some sort of so-so and some downright weird stuff. I can’t show you them all but here’s a selection.

I’ll let the photographs do the talking from this point……there’s not much I can really say about them that can’t be seen in the photographs.

Bird of Paradise


Lady and Dog

Musical Instruments


I don’t think many tourists would find these. You have to go off the beaten track to even end up in the street. I sort of found it by accident but I’m glad I did.

Well that’s it. It’s good to be back, but this short trip has kindled my yearning for far away places again, so I might just have to take another trip later in the year.

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Wednesday to Wednesday – Who Thought That One Up?

I really do not like this new schedule for the Weekly Challenge. Does anyone else? So once again I have to go with a little post because I’ve not got enough photographs.

Brown Rat

This is a Brown Rat. It showed no fear and as bold as brass it kept coming out in front of me as I sat in the bird hide at Big Pool Wood. Straight up the branch of a tree and out to the bird feeders. At it’s closest point it was no more than 5 feet from me.

That’s it for this week – Mike

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