Cross Polarisation

Cross-polarisation is a photography technique that involves using two polarizing filters to reduce glare and reflections in images. The technique is particularly useful when photographing reflective surfaces, such as glass, water, and shiny metals. But it can be used for a totally different purpose to give some unique photography results. Hard moulded plastic is subject... Continue Reading →

It’s All Blue

I've finally accepted that my days of walking in the higher limits of the Snowdonia National Park are getting beyond me. Consequently my photography is now confined to seascapes, drive by shooting and sort of home studio work. So I don't go out as much, but saying that, I still have a back catalogue of... Continue Reading →

Sunset on Rhyl Sea-Front

I have to say, I've never really got on with this new fangled WordPress blocky thing. Give me the good old fashioned Windows Live Writer anyday. It was far more intuitive and so much more easier to use.Looking back it's been a long time since I have written a post for Say It With A... Continue Reading →

Saint Deniol’s Hawarden

"Aye! The nights are fair drawing in" is an old saying my grandmother used to use as winter came along. And with it comes storms, more rain and snow, especially in Wales. This morning I was told there was a heavy fall of snow in the Snowdonia National Park last night, so that could well... Continue Reading →

Gas Boys, Gas!

During WW1 chemical weapons were introduced and one of the worst was mustard gas, which really wasn't a gas, more of an oily liquid which was dispersed as an aerosol cloud. Mustard gas is a blistering agent causing very painful skin blisters, blindness and if you inhaled it the gas would cause untold damage to... Continue Reading →

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