52 in 2016

Well I managed to complete the 52 in 2015 challenge. despite being ill and on holiday. I’ll post the final weeks photographs shortly.

For anyone considering a themed 52 challenge then our Flickr group is open to anyone wanting to join.

The 52 themes have already been chosen for next year and they are;

1. Reflection(s) 1st week starts January 4th
2. Minimalist
3. Rule of Thirds
4. What’s Inside
5. Shadows
6. Intertwined
7. This is me (Self Portrait!)
8. Boots or Shoes
9. Macro / Close up
10. On the Ground – looking down
11. Low Perspective – looking up
12. Peaceful Place
13. Low Key
14. High Key
15. DOF (Depth of Field)
16. Forced perspective
17. Openings – doors, windows, holes in the fence…
18. Bird(s)
19. Environmental Portraiture
20. Natural Light
21. Free Theme
22. Sports / Action / Motion
23. Liquid / Water
24. In Full Bloom (flowers)
25. Sunrise or Sunset
26. Architecture
27. Fill the frame with colour
28. Monochrome
29. Nature
30. Contrast – Black and white, colours, textures etc..
31. Texture (Texture in the shot, not editing software adding texture)
32. Long Exposure
33. In a row / Repetition
34. Abstract
35. Landscape / View
36. Urban / City Streets
37. Night Photography
38. SOOC (Unedited, Straight Out Of the Camera)
39. Before and After
40. Wildlife
41. Water drops / Droplets
42. Text / Words
43. Wood
44. Old / Abandoned / Decaying
45. Diagonal / Lines
46. Portrait (Not a Self Portrait)
47. Food / Drink
48. Broken
49. Silhouette
50. Bokeh
51. Happy Holidays
52. Year in Review – Favourite Photo from 2016

If you are interested in taking up the challenge next year follow this link

Weekly Photo Challenge: Now

Well I’m back form an eventful trip to Hong Kong and my NOW is to sift through the hundreds of emails that I didn’t answer whilst I was on holiday. Of course there’s also the 1000’s of photographs I took as well to be looked at, but maybe not quite NOW. They can wait until after Christmas. But there again…….

Feed Me

On previous trips to Hong Kong it’s been about the sights and sounds. The view from the Peak, Victoria Harbour at night, Kowloon City streets all lit up.  Been there, done that, taken the photographs. This trip I wanted to concentrate on the people. Walk down just about any main street in Hong Kong and you will find street stalls selling tasty snacks. They’re popular and at night as people finish work you can find them queuing at the more popular stalls.

Another place I wanted to visit this trip was the Jade Market. Stall after stall with pieces of Jade, although sometimes I wasn’t so sure. But it’s fun to bargain.

Jade Market

I said it was about the people this trip but one place recommended was the Chi Lin Nunnery. A haven of peace and tranquillity in an otherwise busy surroundings. I spent hours here walking around the buildings and gardens.

Chi Lin Nunnery

This is just a short one and as we are now deep in the holiday season it may be a couple of days before I manage to get anything else down


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52 in 2015 Week 47 Portrait

It’s been a while since I featured the “Grumpy Old Man” here on Say It With A Camera. So here he is looking older and a lot more grumpier.


Like all old men he’s starting to go grey and just recently he’s been diagnosed with Lymphoma.

Well that’s it for this week and I hope you enjoyed the photograph.

It’s Going To Be Quiet

I’m taking a break for a few weeks so it’s going to be quiet around here. I’m off to exotic Hong Kong for a mix of pleasure and pleasure, with a fair bit of photography involved.

Hong Kong Skyline

Night life, that’s for me, these next few weeks.

Hong Kong at Night

Trips on the iconic Star Ferries across the harbour

Star Ferry - Celestial Star

See you all when I get back.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

For this weeks challenge I thought I’d show you a “Trio of Trio’s”. First up, the three cranes at Clydeport, Greenock, Scotland. I took this just after the sun had set.


For my second trio it’s the cockle pickers of the Dee Estuary. This time I’m on the English side. If you don’t know a cockle is a small, edible, salt-water clam. Gathering them on the estuary is dirty and cold work as you can see from their dress.

Cockle Pickers

My final trio is sheep. We have more than our fair share of them here in Wales and in the National Park they roam wild. They’re not really wild though. They belong to someone and each year they are rounded up and brought down for shearing.


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