52 in 2015 Week 25 Sunrise or Sunset

It’s got to be sunset for me. As I’ve explained before I don’t do sunrise. Not because I’m not a morning person, more a case of I can’t see the point of getting up early only to be disappointed that the sunrise is going to be a non event . So with that in mind here a couple for this weeks challenge. Being as our coast mainly points north we are quite lucky that we get some really great sunsets. Normally Autumn and Winter give us the best ones but so far, this summer the weather hasn’t been that great. For some reason we’ve been getting some really good sunsets in return.

With this photograph I did a long exposure HDR, which is why the water looks so milky around the Groyne Marker which is silhouetted against the setting sun.

Groyne Marker

I’d left the beach and was starting to head home, then realised that the sunset was getting more intense. Fortunately I don’t live so far away so a quick U-Turn and I was back at the beach. The North Wales Coastal Path is popular with walkers and cyclists and every so often there are signposts giving distances and directions. Gronant is a popular area with large sand dunes and a long sandy beach. But you can’t drive there. It’s either walk or cycle.

52 in 2015 Week 25 Sunset or Sunrise

That’s it for this weeks challenge. As usual feel free to comment, tell me you like the photographs or ask a question.

52 in 2015 Week 24 Down On The Farm

Well in this case it was actually “up” in the farm as I took the photographs in the mountains of Snowdonia. Sheep farming is the main farming type here and all over the hills you will see sheep wandering and at this time of the year they will have their lambs still with them.

52 in 2015 Week 24 Down On The Farm (2)

Of course there are some boundaries where the sheep aren’t allowed to roam and in most cases there are dry stone walls. Nowadays there is a tendency to put wire fences in and these farmers were preparing to move some posts further round the side of the mountain.

52 in 2015 Week 24 Down On The Farm

That’s it. I hope you enjoyed the photographs, as usual feel free to comment, say you like the photographs, or ask a question.

Weekly Photo Challenge ROY G. BIV

Ellen Hopkins once said “Memory is a tenuous thing, like a rainbow’s end,  or a camera with a failing lens”. I don’t have a camera with a failing lens and my memory is still pretty good for most things. Now I knew I had photographs, that would fit the theme, in my vast collection that I’ve taken over the years but how was I going to find them? Simple really I keyword all of my catalogued photographs with location data, dominant colours, word like sunset, mountains, sea, sand, beach and sometimes subject.i.e lighthouse, aircraft etc.

My first image is of the Hong Kong skyline during the nightly light show. It’s amazing to watch and if you ever get to Hong Kong make sure you get down to the waterfront on the mainland side to see it.

Hong Kong Skyline

On the Dee Estuary is a small harbour called Greenfields Dock. It is thought that there has been maritime activity here since before the Romans occupied Britain and there is proof that there was a Roman settlement in the area. Looking at it now it’s hard to believe that it was once a busy port with up to 40 vessels using it. When the legend of Saint Winifred spread many pilgrims wanted to visit the Holy Well and Basingwerk Abbey which where nearby and a ferry service was established across the estuary between Lancashire and Greenfield Dock. In the 18th century the slave trade played an important part in the development of Greenfield Dock. At the time Liverpool was the main slaving port of Great Britain. Copper goods shipped from Greenfield went to Africa and were used as currency. Other goods were shipped to Liverpool and from there to Africa to be used in exchange for slaves. The slaves ended up in America where they were exchanged for raw cotton. This cotton was shipped back to Liverpool, where some of this was then imported back through Greenfield to cotton mills located in Greenfield Valley.

Weekly Photo Challenge - ROY G BIV

My final photograph is of an under road walkway in the town of Conwy. There’s nothing spectacular about it. But when I saw it I liked the colours and thought I’ve got to photograph that. Have you ever done that? Seen something unremarkable but thought I need to photograph it?

Pedestrian Walkway

That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the photographs and as usual feel free to comment, ask question or generally say I like that one.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Off Season

I’ve just got back from a week’s vacation in deepest darkest North Wales, the part where they speak Welsh as their first language and English second. I love to hear Welsh spoken. Can’t understand a word, well maybe the odd one, but I’ve never found it a problem yet. Anyway to this weeks challenge and I must say I’m struggling with this one. Trying to find some photographs that fits the theme OFF SEASON is proving hard. But searching through my back catalogue I finally found something, I hope.

Weekly Photo Challenge - Off Season

What I find interesting about this photograph is that in our ever-increasing “elfin safety” environment there looks like a decided lack of it here. Maybe to get the job done properly they have decided to work without safety belts, hard hats etc.

Sorry this is a short one but I hope you enjoy the photograph.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

For this weeks challenge I’m going to go back in my Flickr Archive. I have 1712 photographs stored on Flickr. Some you have probably never seen before so I’m going to dig deep and find the vivid ones.

One of the great things about using Windows Live Writer and a plugin called Flickr4Writer is that I can write my posts off-line, embed my photographs from Flickr, correctly sized for my blog theme, and when I’m ready I can then publish to WordPress.

Spell checking, grammar, categories, tags etc are all completed in WLW. It really makes life easier. Anyway to the photographs.

Hong Kong Skyline

Every night in Hong Kong there is a multimedia show called “A Symphony of Lights” which vividly lights up the harbour, just over 40 buildings and the skies. I’ll be in Hong Kong in December. Guess what I’ll be doing some nights?

Clydeport, Greenock  is a natural deep water port, accessible 24/7, capable of berthing cruise ships of all sizes.. I photographed the three cranes as the sun was setting, providing that beautiful orange glow to the overall photograph.

Clydeport Greenock

Staying on the River Clyde but moving on to Glasgow. The Clyde Arc is one of the new bridges that span the River Clyde. This was one of the first photographs I ever sold.

The Clyde Arc

At the moment I’m sitting in a Terrace Café overlooking Harlech Castle in Wales. It’s one of the few  places I can get a decent internet connection whilst I’m in this beautiful part of North Wales.. Although strictly not a very vivid view I thought I’d include it just to show you where I am at the moment.

Harlech Castle

That’s it for me this week. Hopefully I will be able to save this on-line  and get it published.

Here goes……..