Sunrise At Talacre

After the early morning trip to the Airport I was standing outside Media City in Salford Quays at 03:30 in the morning taking night photographs. More on that in another post. On the way home it looked like I was going to miss what was looking like a really good sunrise and I was cursing myself for leaving Media City so late.

But as luck would have it, although the sky was starting to lighten, it still hadn’t started to colour the sky and I was starting to think that my post a few weeks back about unpredictable sunrises was coming true.

Anyway I decided to detour to the beach, just in case. I’m glad I did. I mean look at this.

Talacre Sunrise

What more could I ask for, beautiful colours and I was able to keep the lighthouse in silhouette.

Better still the tide was out and I was able to get this reflection as well.

Sunrise at Talacre

By now I was really cold, an hour and a half spent at Media City in the early morning, coupled with my hour on the beach and it was time to go home.

All I can say is I’m lucky to have seen this and I’m glad I took the decision to detour.

52 in 2015 Week 18 Shadow

This week I have managed to get the 52 challenge completed before Saturdays’ deadline. How good is that? I was toying with what to photograph this week and as luck would have it I found myself on Talacre Beach just as the sun was rising. More on that in another post. So with the sun low on the horizon I was able to get some really long shadows just perfect for this weeks challenge.

52 in 2015 Week 18 Shadow

Behind me the sky was aglow with shades of orange, yellow, red and purple and the this was being reflected in the sand in the dunes. The 52 challenge allows us to enter two photographs to the group pool but we can only enter one of those for judging. For me, the next photograph is the one I like the best.

52 in 2015 Week 18 Shadow

To get the best definition in the shadows I decided to make this one Black and White. What do you think? Does it work?

As an aside you will see that i have changed the blog theme. It’s nice to refresh things now and again. The photographs you see will be slightly smaller but if you click on any of them you will be taken to my Flickr account where you can see the photograph in a larger size.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Just when we thought the weather had changed for the better we’re back to wintry conditions again. Not good considering I’ve got an early morning photography trip planned for tomorrow. When I say early morning I mean 3;30am. I’m dropping someone off at Manchester Airport so I thought I’d take advantage and spend a good few hours until sunrise at Salford Quays. There are a lot of buildings along with bridges which are lit up so I should get some great nigh time photographs.

Anyway to this weeks challenge. I had a think about it and decided to show some photographs from an air show I attended some time ago.

Wing Walking

First up is the Breitling Wing Walkers. They always put on a great show and it fascinates me that the two females can stay there and not have a hair out-of-place. Maybe they glue it down? Seriously though to perform whilst the aircraft is being thrown about the sky is amazing and all I can say is they must have very strong stomachs. I know I would be having a conversation with Huey if I was in their place.

Why anyone would want to jump out of a perfectly serviceable plane is another one of the wonders from the aviation world. Yet some people take great delight in doing it. Not only that they show-off on the way down……

Showing The Flag

…and what about these guys.

Fly By

OK so you’re a good pilot…but do you really have to play chicken with another good pilot? I mean these guys are close but I’m sure they have rehearsed this manoeuvre time and time again.

Well that’s it for this week. As usual feel free to comment, I’ll always reply.

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52 in 2015 Week 17 Wood

I’ve not long since posted this weeks photographs to the 52 in 2015 Group on Flickr. You should take a look, there are some really good photographs in the Group Pool. This week is all about Wood. I had a good idea what I wanted to photograph for this week but as usual time caught up with me and towards the end of the week I still hadn’t been out with the camera. With bad weather predicted for Saturday I knew I bad to get something by Friday at the latest. Otherwise I might not be able to meet the challenge.

52 in 2015 Week 17 Wood.jpg

Not the hardest photograph to capture. Stand in the middle of a wooded area. Point the camera skywards and press the shutter button. Of course it helps if you have a moveable rear screen because you can compose the frame better. A reasonably calm day helps as well because the shutter speed can be slower when you are in the forest causing blur if there’s too much movement in the trees.

My second photograph is from the beach and presented me with a dilemma.

52 in 2015 Week 17 Wood(2).jpg

I wanted to keep the tree which had been washed up on the beach but I wasn’t sure about the pebbles which someone else had placed. Should I remove them or keep them in? In the end I decided they added some extra interest so decided to let them stay. But what would you have done?

52 in 2015 Week 16 Contrast

This week we were asked to show a photograph which displayed Contrast. Such an open subject but as usual the guidelines are “pretty clear” what is expected. It can be any form of contrast, colour, light, shadow, texture and this is the bit I like, any creative way I see fit. Now that’s an open subject if ever there was one. But undaunted i set off on Saturday to capture my Contrast photographs.

52 in 2015 Week 16 Contrast

Lot’s of contrasts in this one. Blue and yellow, or how the lively bloom of the daffodils and the almost lifeless tree. can you think of any other contrasts in this picture?

My second photograph may not be obvious what the contrast is but this is where the being creative comes in.

52 in 2015 Week 16 Contrast

When I was walking around Birkenhead Park it sort of struck me how odd this scene looked. First of all you have the old boathouse, built about 1847 and in contrast you have modern man doing an ancient task with all the modern accoutrements. Warm flask, nice easy lightweight collapsible chair, carbon fibre rod. Well they did say I could be creative.

You might not know this but in 1850, American landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted arrived by ship in Liverpool. The town of Birkenhead is just across the river from Liverpool and it is known that Olmstead visited Birkenhead Park during his stay in England, probably using the Mersey Ferry to get across the river.Olmstead noted Birkenhead was “a model town” which was built “all in accordance with the advanced science, taste, and enterprising spirit that are supposed to distinguish the nineteenth century”. Now here’s the good part. In 1858, Olmstead and Calvert Vaux won the competition to design a new park for the rapidly growing city of New York.  I wonder if Olmstead took inspiration from his visit to Birkenhead Park?