Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Street photography is something new for me. It’s not in me to go photographing people, I prefer landscapes instead, less confrontational. After all people nowadays are much more aware of photographers, especially when you have a camera in your hand pointing straight at them. And that to me is the crux of things, I don’t fancy a punch in the nose. In an article on thephoblographer.com Julius Motal discusses “How to Avoid “Getting Punched in the Nose” in Street Photography”. Sound advice.

Wandering around Liverpool, another first for me, I’ve never visited Liverpool before. I was busy “snapping” everything I thought would make a good street photograph. How wrong I was.

Street Reflections

The best photographs I took where all of people going about their lives as normal, unaware that I was there.


I’m not sure what’s going on here. They’re not looking at each other. Maybe they’ve had an argument? Not like my next photograph. One man and his dog. If you stop to pose, you’re fair game.

Man and Dog

My next photograph caught the Street Photographer looking at his camera. He was doing similar to me. Just lurking, looking for potential targets, err, photo opportunities. I’ve no doubt he’s got me…..

Street Photographer

Finally for this weeks challenge, this was definitely a case of I’ve spotted you so fire away. I’m happy to pose and I can only say thank you.

Photograph Me

Now you might be thinking what has this got to do with Fresh. Simple really. It was my first time in Liverpool, a really great city, and the first time I had ever really gone out consciously to capture photographs of people going about their daily lives. All fresh to me.

52 in 2015 Week 13 Free Choice

A free choice this week and i can choose my subject. It’s been a while since I visited “the Duke” and as he’s only just down the road it seemed a good idea to go and pay my respects. Yesterday started off in typical fashion of the weather we have been experiencing recently; wet and windy. Not ideal for photography, but the weather prediction for what it’s worth, advised of clearing skies and sunny patches. Better.

Anyway to “the Duke”. What a state he is in, his age and neglect are really starting to show. Sure there have been some attempts to tart up this venerable old man but in my opinion they have failed miserably. I’ll leave you to judge if you think the same as me.

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Duke of Lancaster

Duke of Lancaster

Once a railway steamer passenger ferry “the Duke” operated in Europe from 1956 to 1979. Today he is beached near Mostyn Docks, on the River Dee, north-east Wales. Lots of things have happened to “the Duke” since he was brought to Llanerch-y-Mor with the latest being to cover him in artwork from well-known street artists. When I visited yesterday it was obvious that someone had not done their homework. Rust is starting to break through and destroy the artwork. I might be wrong but since my last visit, well over a year ago, it looks like the colours are fading in the artwork as well. What a sorry state this venerable old man has gotten into.

On the way back from visiting “the Duke” I stopped off at Talacre. One thing about Talacre Beach, it’s fine on a sunny day but on a cold and very windy day it’s not the best place to be with a camera. The sand dries out very quickly once the tide has gone out and the wind quickly whips up a mini sandstorm. Not ideal for camera and lenses, even ones which are dust and weather-proof.

Talacre Lighthouse

Look to the left of the lighthouse. You can see the patterns created by the sand as it whips from left to right across the beach. Sand is everywhere, small patches of it are forming on the rocks but this is washed away when the tide comes in. However the shifting sand is starting to rebuild the dunes that were destroyed in last years storms, which is a good thing.

That’s it for this weeks challenge. I hope you enjoyed my visit to “the Duke” and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this venerable old man.

52 in 2015 Week 12 Metal

Straight away I knew where I was going to get the photographs for this weeks 52 challenge. The workshops at the National Slate Museum in Llanberis. Not only that I knew I was going to give both the photographs a grungy HDR look. Not to everyone’s taste but as I’ve said before “My Photograph, My  Vision”

Wandering around the museum I found this collection of metal canisters. They already were rusty but the HDR treatment has served to enhance the rust. Don’t you agree?

Metal Work

I love the slate museum, it’s so dark and dingy in places and yet you can get great photographs.  Just like this one from the Blacksmiths forge.

52 in 2015 Week 12 Metal (2)

If you are ever in this area I really do recommend a visit to the Slate Museum. Until next weeks 52 challenge.

52 of 2015 Week 11 Abstract

There’s nothing like being out in the rain with your camera. As I said in last weeks 52 in 2015 post, the weather has been conspiring against me for weeks now, or so it seems. On the days that I’m free, we get wind and rain, when I’m busy and can’t get away, lovely blue skies with wispy clouds. And so it was like that last week. Well not exactly, The day started off as a lovely spring morning, perfect for photography. I could feel a trip to Newborough Forest coming on to visit the rare Red Squirrels. Fifty minutes later I was pulling into the car park just as the heavens opened. A totally wasted journey. Well not quite. Undaunted I decided to have a walk through the forest anyway, never saw a squirrel. come to think of it I hardly saw any birds either.

But success! I did manage to capture two usable photographs for the 52 challenge

52 in 2015 Week 11 Abstract

Walking through the forest I found an oily brackish pool of water where the raindrops were creating ripples on the surface. Perfect as an abstract photograph. My second photograph was a fern leaf which I converted to Black and White, adding a highlight to the centre of the leaf

Fern Leaves

That’s it for this week.

52 in 2015 Week 10 DOF

Being mainly a landscape photographer I don’t often use DOF or Depth of Field creatively. Personally I prefer my photographs to be in focus from front to back. But there again that’s just me. I’m always breaking photography rules…

Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field. – Peter Adams

On this one I would tend to agree but I can honestly say that this week I don’t think I really got the depth of feeling let alone the depth of field.

52 of 2015 Week 10 DOF

It really was not a good week for completing the assignment on time but you have no choice…it’s complete or be damned. I had an idea what I wanted to photograph but the weather has been conspiring against me for some time. I needed a nice sunny day; I was getting grey overcast sky, strong winds and occasional splashes of rain. Finally the weather broke and I was able to grab this photograph. It’s not the greatest, in it’s own way it does meet the challenge but in my opinion only just.