Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

Boot Sector Not Found”. That terrible moment when you realise that the whizzy whizzy thing with the flashing lights sitting in the corner has just become an expensive brick. Now it’s been a while since I got my hands dirty in the innards of a computer but it looks like I have no choice here.

 Achtung! Alles Lookenspeepers

Das computermachine ist nicht fuer gefingerpoken und mitten grabbe. Ist easy schnappen der springen werk,blowenfusen und poppencorken mit spitzensparken. Ist nicht fuer gewerken bei das dumpkopfen. Das rubbernecken sichtseeren keepen das cotten-pickenen hans in das pockets muss; relaxen und watchen das blinkenlichten.

Michael J. Preston recites the gem as being posted above photocopiers in offices as a warning not to mess with the machine in the first print reference from 1974. The sign is also reported to have been seen on an electron microscope at the Cavendish Laboratory in the 1950s. Source Wikipedia

What has this got to do with Shadowed, the subject for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge? Absolutely nothing. Just thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to this week…and yes I have fixed the problem.


On Saturday I was in Liverpool for a photowalk around the city. That’s me right in the bottom centre of the photograph. Why Black and White? I’ve been experimenting recently with his medium and I quite like it.

All amateurs…think they have to have the sun at their backs. You’ll find this is wrong: If you get the sun to one side and catch the shadows, you get a ‘Rembrandt-lighted’ picture with good contrasts. – Frank Jay Haynes

Fortunately, in the late afternoon as the sun was starting to set it was in the right position to my side, casting these really long shadows. Choosing Black an White instead o colour has emphasised the shadows more.

As always, your comments are appreciated and I try to answer everyone with twenty four hours. It doesn’t always happen in that time but I will respond to all comments good or bad.

52 in 2015 Week 2 Bokeh

Second week and I thought I might have a problem with this one. I had an idea but just couldn’t seem to get it right, when I pressed the shutter. Yesterday I was on a photowalk in Liverpool and managed to capture this young woman walking as high winds and a high tide whipped up spray across the bridge she was on.

52 in 2015 - Bokeh

Wikipedia describes Bokeh when used in photography as the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. Bokeh has been defined as “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light”.

Goodbye Zemanta

For years I have used Zemanta to suggest Related Articles for my blog post and it has always served me well. Mainly I look for other WordPress bloggers who are taking part in the Weekly Photo Challenges and include them as Related Articles. Usually Zemanta would return links to about twenty or thirty weekly challenge participants and I would choose the ones I liked to add to my blog.  Recently though it has no longer been returning the results I want and gradually I have been seeing less and less results from Zemanta.

For example, whilst I have been writing this article Zemanta has suggested the following Related Articles to me

  1. Summer Days :: Lately on Instagram
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All of them are obviously relevant to this post. Even using the search term “WordPress Weekly Challenge” doesn’t return any hits. So reluctantly I am going to remove the Zemanta plugin from my browser. Why keep something that isn’t working?

Sure WordPress has the facility to insert Related Articles but I have never found the articles they supply relevant to my blog articles.

So if you know a browser plugin that can suggest Related Articles for a WordPress.com blog I’d love to hear about it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: New

It’s 2015 and WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is New. I’m struggling, I have to admit. It’s morning and right now I’m sitting in my office trying to think of something to write. The house is quiet, even “Grumpy Old Man” hasn’t stirred from his bed yet. He’s nice and warm lying under a radiator. Outside the wind is howling, it’s grey and dark, looks like we are in for another stormy day. But so far winter has been kind to us although we seem to be getting an awful lot of grey and miserable days not conducive to photography. Am I suffering from writers block…or maybe it’s photographers block? I’ve not been out with the camera since last year……

Ogwen Valley

….and this was one of the last photographs I took last year. A panorama of the lower Ogwen Valley, in the Snowdonia National Park. Comprising of four photographs stitched together using Photoshop’s Merge command. Something new for me. As you can see we’ve had a light dusting of snow but down in the valley it’s still clear. I particularly like this because the sun was low in the sky to my left, throwing some great shadows, whilst highlighting other parts of the valley.

Our plan for that day was to take advantage of the natural light and walk up to Cwm Idwal, hoping to get some good photographs on the way. Seems like we were not alone. The car park was full and all along the roadside there were lots of cars parked. Lots of people had decided to get out and blow the cobwebs off after Christmas and with the day being a really clear day, with mild temperatures, where better to go than the Snowdonia National Park.

Walking to Cwm Idwal is probably one of the easiest walks in the National Park. Right at the start, there’s a great little waterfall, created when the Afon Idwal drops down the valley on it’s way to meet the Afon Ogwen. It’s probably one of the most photographed waterfalls in Snowdonia. It’s certainly in my opinion one of the easiest to get to. At the moment the fall isn’t that strong. Once that snow melts it gets in full torrent, covering all of those rocks.

Afon Idwal Waterfall

It’s suitable for families, there’s a recognised path and once you get there the view is magnificent, you can see the whole length of the Ogwen Valley.

Ogwen Valley Panorama

Starting from the right, there’s Tryfan, then Llyn Ogwen, that big one in the middle is Pen yr Ole Wen, then the lower Ogwen Valley, where I took the first photograph, and finally a mountain I can never remember the name of.

Meanwhile what of Cwm Idwal. Looking cold, especially with snow on the surrounding mountains. There is a path all the way round for those who want that extra walk. The more serious walkers will also tackle the paths and climbs leading them to the tops of the mountains. Indeed we saw some guys with ropes and ice-axes heading round the lake. Not for me….

Cwm Idwal

Di I cover new? Probably not. But there again WordPress challenges are always down to interpretation. See you next week.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

By the time I post this somewhere in the world it will be January 1st 2015. So I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Healthy and Happy New Year and as they say in Scotland “Lang May Yer Lum Reek”. I’m Scots and to be honest we never actually used that wonderful old expression. Anyway as you can probably guess this is going to be a short post this week as I am busy preparing for the New year celebrations which will occur for us her in the UK in about seven hours.

Buxton Hothouse

Taken in the summer last year this photograph is in the Hothouse attached to the Pavilion in Buxton, Derbyshire. I hope you enjoy it and it only leaves me to say, looking forward to hearing from you all in the New Year.