Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

I’m all at sea this week, not me personally, just the photographs. For this weeks challenge we’re going just off the coast of Prestatyn, my home town. So let’s make a start. First up is a partnership between the Rhyl Lifeboat and an Royal Air Force Rescue Helicopter. Sadly we won’t see this anymore as the aging fleet of Sea King helicopters are being phased out and Helicopter Rescue Services are now done by a civilian contractor. In this case it’s just an exercise. practicing transfer to and from the lifeboat. I’ll miss the big yellow helicopters as we often would see them in the Snowdonia National Park.

Rescue Me

On to another partnership, this time between Wales and Ireland. The Nostag is a cable laying ship which is putting in place the undersea power cable which will allow the two countries to share electricity resources. The cable is dropped into an underground trench and then remote vehicles fill the trench in.


OK! Not strictly at sea with this one but everyone calls them sea gulls. In reality, their Herring Gulls and a damn nuisance. They’re urban flying rats, raiding bins, attacking other birds, crapping all over roofs and cars, attacking people during the breeding season and just after. Yet, nothing can be done about them, in the UK they are a protected species. But the chick s ar kind of cute and make for a good photograph, as long as you use a long lens and keep your distance. The parents will take it turn about to sit on the nest whilst the eggs are hatching and then once hatched, one or the other will stay very close whilst the other goes in search of food.

Proud Parents

My final photograph this week is from a competition involving fast little boats call ZapCats. It takes two people, one to steer and the other to balance out weight distribution as these little boats hurtle around a pre-determined course.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

So we’ve gone and done it. Here in the UK we’ve voted to leave the European Union. Now that’s a curve ball that a lot of analysts and politicians didn’t see coming. I know, it has really got nothing to do with curves but hey it’s a momentous decision that we as a country voted for. What did I vote, IN or OUT…..that’s between me and the ballot box.

Curves are everywhere, in nature, in architecture, in household items. Look around you, most things are curved. Right now I’m sitting at my curved desk looking at my curved phone and using a curved keyboard whilst I write this post.  You only have to look at this photograph to see those curves.

The Pin Mill

Even when you look really close you can see curves. Those water lilies are curved, even the wings on the Damselfly has curves.


Same for the Red Darter, sitting on the curved petals of a pond lily


The petals, the leaves, the stamen, all curved.

Pond Lily

In architecture we have curved archways such as this one in the Pin Mill at Bodnant Garden, which looks out onto the lily pond.


It seems we just prefer curves to linear square or rectangular shapes.


Finally, I’d like to leave you with this slightly rounded shape of the pond which lies just below the main house at Bodnant Gardens

Bodnant Garden Lake

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure

I agonised over this one. Just wasn’t sure what to include this week. I know I’ve always said I can make any photograph fit a theme but sometimes it’s nice to actually have a photograph that does fit the challenge theme. This week, maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. I’ll leave you to decide.

Water Fun

Unusually from me, this weeks photograph is just about straight out of the camera, does that make it pure, with just a little bit of cropping to make it aesthetically more pleasing. The Rool of Thurds comes to mind here but I don’t use it in my photography.

Pure photography is a system of picture-making that describes more or less faithfully what might be seen through a rectangular frame from a particular vantage point at a given moment. – John Szarkowski

It must be pure, then……

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Just found out next weeks challenge is Curve. I can do that…

The Flying Scotsman

Sure I’m Scots but it’s not me I’m talking about, it’s the train.

Probably one of the UK’s most recognised locomotives, the Flying Scotsman has returned to service hauling tours around Britain after an extensive refurbishment, and I was lucky to catch it today as it passed through North Wales.

Flying Scotsman

Built in 1923 for the London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) at Doncaster Works to a design of Sir Nigel Gresley, the Flying Scotsman was employed as an express train on the East Coast Main Line running from London to Edinburgh, a distance of 392 miles. During it’s time in service, before it was retired in 1963, the Flying Scotsman a world record; it was the first steam train to reach 100mph. Later in the 1980’s it would be the first steam train to clock up the longest ever non-stop run of 422 miles during a tour of Australia.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

I was thinking about this challenge and wondering how I was going to fulfil it this week seeing as I’m mainly a landscape and wildlife photographer. Of course these themes are always open to interpretation and I pride myself in being able to make any photograph fit a WordPress theme. Of course it might take a bit of lateral thinking on your part.


This one is easy, you can have two people, break it down a bit more and you can have 1 man and 1 boy, well I think it’s a boy but with hair like that who knows. Or how about 12 wind turbines, count them they are there. Break it down, each turbine has 3 blades, so that’s 36 in total. See this numbers game is easy and like I said, I can make any photograph fit the theme.

Mind the Steps

I can see 4 steps, 4 els, 4 esses, 6 ayes, and a few other things but whose counting. Oh! By the way this photograph was stolen last week and used in a Failbook post. Now I’m a generous sort of guy but you can’t use my photographs for commercial purposes without paying me mucho dinero so  had to insist that they take it down.

Right then, numbers here we go……Q8 kicking up a sandstorm.


911 – reminds me of the time I was in Charleston SC. The hotel access code  for direct dialling was 9, we had a number for cheaper international calls that went something like this (0)11 555 4444. Of course I kept dropping the 0, you can guess the rest.


Number 9 – that was the number of a laxative pill given to British servicemen during WW2. No symbolism here.


88 in mid-flight


14 just coming in to land


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