Goodbye Adobe

For some time now I have had the feeling that Adobe Camera Raw is not doing justice to the files hat come out of the Olympus E-M1 Mk2. Straight from the camera with Adobe's RAW conversion (Lightroom or Photoshop) they always look noisy and over saturated and usually I have to do some work to... Continue Reading →

A Look Back In Time

Way back in 2013 I wrote about the sea defences that protect Prestatyn and showed a series of photographs taken at sunset. When I look back at that post I realise how cringe worthy my photographs were then, mainly due to over enthusiatic use of HDR processing. Nowadays I would do those photos completely differently,... Continue Reading →

Review – HDR Darkroom Pro Beta

Please Note. To view any image full size just click on it. Ever Imaging have released HDR Darkroom Pro Windows Beta Version 1.0.0. The download size is 4.55Mb. The interface is reasonably well laid out with the tone-mapping tools down the right hand side and buttons for file operations along the top. The File Operations Menu Bar,... Continue Reading →

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