Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

It’s no secret that most of my photography in recent years has been from the beautiful Snowdonia National Park, here in North Wales. So it seems appropriate for a subject like Express Yourself that I use photographs from my visits to the National Park. Llyn Padarn was formed when glaciers carved out this part of... Continue Reading →

The Spinnies–Revisited

The Spinnies, Aberogwen is one of the North Wales Wildlife Trust’s most popular reserves. Set amid a small woodland, a series of ponds and a lagoon provide shelter and food for many species of wildfowl and waders during the autumn and spring migrations. The reserve is immediately adjacent to the estuary of the Afon Ogwen... Continue Reading →

In Search Of Snow

As you will have previously read from my articles “On the Beach”  and “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond”  I've been bemoaning the lack of snow here in my little part of North Wales. I mean, why should everyone else have fun, taking photographs in the snow, and uploading them to various “Show Us Your Snow Photographs”... Continue Reading →

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