One Chance At Autumn Colours

It's been pretty quiet these last few weeks due to further Covid 19 restrictions limiting us to travel within the county of Denbighshire only. The Welsh government announced at the end of last week that the measures imposed above are not working and so from tonight we are going back into a full lockdown again.... Continue Reading →

Down By The Riverside

It's been some time since I've written anything for Say It With A Camera but I just didn't have anything to say. Maybe it's because I've not been out with my camera much but I think this quote by Destin Sparks just about somes up the past few months. Photography Is The Story I Fail... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

Goodness me! I’m early. For weeks I have been completing the challenge post late on a Friday afternoon but this week I finally have some time to get on with it. So here goes. Spring is my favourite time of the year, more so than summer so let’s start with a nice Spring photograph. Daffodils... Continue Reading →

52 in 2015 Week 43 Textures

This is all about natural textures and not the ones you overlay in Photoshop.  Where better to find a simple photograph than the bark of a tree. Nice and textured. Shoot up the length of the tree for added interest. You may have seen this second photograph below. It featured in “Search For Autumn Colours”... Continue Reading →

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