Is This The End?

Ever since the terrible decision to end the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge I have found my interest in blogging slowly but surely starting to wane. To the point that I'm not blogging at all. I have been considering what to do about Say It with A Camera and have come up with several options  just... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

New Year Resolutions. How many of us actually keep them?  I mean, how long is a resolution supposed to last? An hour, a day, a month, a year, our whole lifetime. Just seems pointless to me. So years ago I made a resolution never to make resolutions and so far I’ve managed to stick to... Continue Reading →

Sliders Sunday – 13 May 2012

Here we go with another Sliders Sunday. I missed last weeks because of the previously mentioned doggie problems. Anyway to this image.... It's a sunset at Ffrith Beach, Prestatyn but for Sliders Sunday the image is stacked. If you have Photoshop Elements this is very easy to create. From the Edit Tab, choose guided and... Continue Reading →

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