I Should Have Got There Early

Spur of the moment decision but I decided to head to Bodnant Gardens this morning before the flowers in the Laburnum Arch decay. By the time I walked the dogs it was 10am before I set off. Bodnant opens at 9am. It's only a short drive away but by the time I got there I... Continue Reading →

In Search Of Bluebells

Thursday saw me at Bodnant Gardens, about 30 minutes drive from my house. The gardens are a National Trust property, spanning about 80 acres of hillside with formal Italianate terraces... ...and shrub borders stocked with plants from all over the world. At first everything is on the level with well laid out paths. You can... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

So we’ve gone and done it. Here in the UK we’ve voted to leave the European Union. Now that’s a curve ball that a lot of analysts and politicians didn’t see coming. I know, it has really got nothing to do with curves but hey it’s a momentous decision that we as a country voted... Continue Reading →

52/2013 Week 16

Spring has finally sprung. Beautiful blue skies, a bright sunny and very warm day. I even had to slap some lotion on, I could feel myself burning. I’m fair skinned, burn easily in the sun so I always carry lotion in my camera back-pack, it’s something you learn to live with. Anyway I digress. On... Continue Reading →

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