Now That’s Service

Just ordered some parts for my new van from Kenmore Caravans in Yorkshire. Although everything I ordered was from their e-bay shop they were happy to deal with me by phone as I won't use e-bay or paypal for that matter anymore. The nice lady at Kenmore Caravans took my order late yesterday and dispatched the items... Continue Reading →

T-Mobile Royal Wedding

Well it had to happen. Another video from T-Mobile, this time spoofing the forthcoming Royal Wedding. Quite funny really but it is an amazing method of viral advertising 2,576,973 hits on Youtube since it's release on the 15th of April. Anyway if you haven't seen it, here's the video Related Articles Video: Royal Wedding Dance... Continue Reading →

Charity Bags – The New Junk Mail

Not a week goes by that I don't find another one of these dropped through my letterbox. You know the type..all asking for good quality donations of clothes, shoes, handbags etc. Now it's bad enough that the charities can't co-ordinate their efforts and stop plaguing us with these bags but in most cases it's the same... Continue Reading →


I've been pretty quiet the last few days mainly because I am preparing for an overseas trip. Any way I managed to find time to create this for "The StockYard" which is a group on Flickr. Basically they provide a stock image that you can use as a background, in this case the gazebo, and then... Continue Reading →

This Is Getting Serious

Now I know we have been cutting down trees here, there and everywhere and we keep getting told "no problem. it's sustainable wood". But it's getting really serious when even the dogs are queuing to have a pee..... I can't give credit for this image as I found at least 69 instances of it on the... Continue Reading →

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