Chester Cathedral

First of all an update to the SmugMug/Flickr situation. I have now taken steps to reduce the file count down to the 1000 that Smug now allow. This means that many of the early posts on Say It With A Camera are now going to have broken links as there are so many photographs missing.... Continue Reading →

5kg Weight Limit…Are You Serious

You might have noticed that it’s been very quiet on Say It With A Camera, these past few weeks. There again you might not. I’m taking an early vacation, so I’ve been busily preparing everything for a journey to hotter climes. Of course I didn’t arrange this little trip, I left that to my travel... Continue Reading →

Macon, Is That It?

Wander around Macon in France and you’ll soon come to recognise that it does not offer a lot for photographers. Maybe I’m doing the town an injustice but without stretching to a bit of street photography I was really struggling to get a photograph. Now half of the problem was cars. They were parked everywhere... Continue Reading →

Bangor Cathedral

A little while back I paid a visit to Bangor Cathedral, North Wales. If you are ever in Bangor you might be confused and assume that the Gothic style building on the hill is the cathedral, but that’s actually part of the University. Instead, the Cathedral is low-lying and inconspicuous, on a site that has... Continue Reading →

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