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Last week I mentioned that I was changing the software I would be using for processing my photographs. This week I’ve changed the theme I use for Say It With A Camera. This will probably be the last post where I embed the photographs from Flickr. For some time now I have been worrying about... Continue Reading →

52/2013 Week 25

Unlike many people when I go on holiday I don't take too many photographs. Holiday for me is to spend time with my wife and just relax. However, I do take my camera gear with me and sometimes I’ll take the odd photograph but it’s not the top priority. One of the reason we were... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Behind

Ever since I stumbled upon the Weekly Photo Challenge I have managed to put in an entry every week. But last week I got behind due to being on vacation with limited internet access. When I say limited I mean limited. Snatching a quick download of my emails when I could find a bar or... Continue Reading →

St Hilary’s Chapel – Denbigh

The tower and a short section of wall is all that remains of a medieval chapel of ease dedicated to St Hilary, built into the late 13th century town walls of Denbigh. The chapel was created sometime around 1300 as a depency of Whitchurch just over a mile to the east. The chapel would have been... Continue Reading →

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