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Last week I mentioned that I was changing the software I would be using for processing my photographs. This week I’ve changed the theme I use for Say It With A Camera. This will probably be the last post where I embed the photographs from Flickr. For some time now I have been worrying about the forthcoming deal between Verizon and Yahoo, who own Flickr. Verizon are a telecoms company. Are they likely to want a photo sharing site? I’m not so sure but I’ve got to start hedging my bets because if they were to drop Flickr I would have an awful lot of broken links on my blog. Just about every previous post would be without photographs.

So I’ve got to start forward planning just in case.Right then, Ambience. It’s been a while since I’ve featured any of the historic churches that we have here in North Wales. I like photographing them, especially using HDR and then in final processing softening the focus just a little. So here’s a few just for fun.

Many of these old churches are quite ornate, look at that organ in the photograph below. The design of the pipes, Victorian workmanship at it’s best.

Saint Mary - The Organ

A simple church in some ways, but the wooden rail is exquisitely carved. Look at the floor tiles as well.


This is a side area of another church. It’s a dedicated family area, not for families, I mean paid for by a single family, the local landowner and this is where they would worship.

Stained Glass

Yet compare those churches above with the simplicity of this one. I know what I prefer.

Llangelynnin Church

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52/2013 Week 25

52/2013 Week 25

Unlike many people when I go on holiday I don’t take too many photographs. Holiday for me is to spend time with my wife and just relax. However, I do take my camera gear with me and sometimes I’ll take the odd photograph but it’s not the top priority.

One of the reason we were in Yorkshire was to look at some areas that were important in both my wife’s and my own family history. In the village of Long Preston we came upon the pretty parish church of St Mary the Virgin which is a grade 1 listed building dating back to Norman times. The beautiful stained glass was just too good an opportunity to miss.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Behind

Ever since I stumbled upon the Weekly Photo Challenge I have managed to put in an entry every week. But last week I got behind due to being on vacation with limited internet access. When I say limited I mean limited. Snatching a quick download of my emails when I could find a bar or restaurant with free wi-fi.

So better late than never hear is my behind. Did I really mean to say that…..?

Hailes Church was consecrated in 1175 and contains magnificent 13th-century wall paintings of saints, coats of arms, and hunting scenes.

Although the church looks small from the outside, the interior is high and spacious. Behind (there’s that word again) the rood screen there are medieval floor tiles, and wall paintings. That the paintings are still there is remarkable. During the Reformation in England, decorative devices such as paintings were regarded as Popeish fripperies and were inevitably destroyed.

St Hilary’s Chapel – Denbigh

The tower and a short section of wall is all that remains of a medieval chapel of ease dedicated to St Hilary, built into the late 13th century town walls of Denbigh. The chapel was created sometime around 1300 as a depency of Whitchurch just over a mile to the east.

The chapel would have been replaced by the magnificent 16th century church planned by Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, but Leicester’s plans came to naught. In 1874 the construction of a new church dedicated to St Mary meant that St Hilary’s fell out of use and eventually became so decayed that all except the tower was demolished in 1923.

The original chapel had 5 bays in the nave, plus a chancel, north aisle, and a west tower. The surviving tower stands 15 metres high, and has a 15th century battlemented parapet with gargoyles projecting from it.

Technical Note: Image is a bracket of 5 RAW from -2 to +2 in 1 EV steps, taken with a Samsung GX10 fitted with an 18-50mm kit lens @ 28mm. ISO 100, f6.7, shutter speeds 1/350 sec to 1/20 sec. Camera was mounted on a RedSnapper RS-284 & RSH-12 Ball Head and the shutter was fired using infra-red remote control. HDR processing was with PhotoMatixusing an adaption of the Shadowmapping Tutorial on Rob Hanson’s Blog.