No More CC Images

Over the holiday period I conducted an annual audit of my images which are posted on my blog, Flickr account and website. It saddens me to say that this year I have found many more than normal being given away as free wallpapers, used on commercial sites and in some cases being combined with other... Continue Reading →

Dan-O Songs, Royalty Free Music

Dan-O provides his own original pop, rock, acoustic and techno songs Royalty Free. Dan-O supplies the music as free MP3 downloads that are legal, safe and virus-free to listen, burn, stream, podcast or use in your personal or commercial multimedia projects. You are even allowed to use the music for your business. Dan-O gives his permission to use... Continue Reading →

Free Royalty Music From Dan-O

I came across a guy on the web yesterday who publishes free MP3 Songs and Royalty Free Creative Commons Production Music which you could use in your web site. He goes under the name of Dan-O and they are his own original pop, rock, acoustic and techno songs. Dan-O puts the music up as free MP3 music downloads that... Continue Reading →

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