52/2013 Week 42

Pen yr Ole Wen is the seventh highest mountain in Snowdonia and in Wales. It is the most southerly of the Carneddau range. For many years the mountain's name was translated as "Head of the White Light", the interpretation of which was a mystery. However in 2004 Professor Hywel Wyn Owen at the Place-Name Research... Continue Reading →


I've just got back from a week's vacation. As I wanted to get away from it all and relax I deliberately picked somewhere that had no internet access. Shock! Horror! I hear some of you say. But I really wanted to just relax so even the mobile was turned off. I had a great week,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

Two years ago I was lucky to attend the Weston-super-Mare Carnival which you can read about here During the carnival I shot off a load of images of people taking part. The original background to this image was a part of a carnival float but it was just too distracting, so I cut him out and... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot

On 28th July 2008 a fire destroyed the pier at Weston-super-Mare UK. At the time I lived in Weston-super-Mare and was able to catch this series of pictures.... The Grand Pier, as the pier is called, is situated on the Bristol Channel approximately 18 miles (29 km) south west of Bristol. The pier is privately-owned and is... Continue Reading →

Now That’s Service

Just ordered some parts for my new van from Kenmore Caravans in Yorkshire. Although everything I ordered was from their e-bay shop they were happy to deal with me by phone as I won't use e-bay or paypal for that matter anymore. The nice lady at Kenmore Caravans took my order late yesterday and dispatched the items... Continue Reading →

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