The Grumpy Old Man And The Young Whippersnapper

It’s been a while since the Grumpy Old Man put in appearance in Say It With A Camera but he’s still around. Today a young whippersnapper decided to pay a visit and I’m honestly surprised that Grumpy has put up with him…….to a degree that is. The young whippersnapper thought it would be a good... Continue Reading →

52/2013 Week 52

This is it! The final image in my 52/2013 Challenge and it seems appropriate that the “Grumpy Old Man” should feature.  Especially as he decided we were going to the beach today. It’s one of his favourite walks, lots of great sniffs and if he’s lucky he can waylay some poor passer-by and get them... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Interesting choice for this weeks theme. To show photographs that make you Happy and combine them with the new gallery feature from WordPress. I've never used the gallery, for two reasons; It was unwieldy and I didn't particularly like the block layout I use Windows Live Writer and host my images on Flickr rather than... Continue Reading →

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