Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

For this weeks challenge I’m going to go back in my Flickr Archive. I have 1712 photographs stored on Flickr. Some you have probably never seen before so I’m going to dig deep and find the vivid ones. One of the great things about using Windows Live Writer and a plugin called Flickr4Writer is that... Continue Reading →

WhooHoo I’m Back

Having taken a good rest, just over 3 months, I'm ready to start writing again on “Say It With A Camera”. I've finished the project I've been working on which was taking up all of my time. Well almost, one church to go, but that’s looking a bit doubtful at the moment. Now I can... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

I was thinking about this weeks challenge and wondering what to submit. There are many things I treasure, some I wouldn't share, some I would. But one of the things I treasure the photo opportunities I have found with the scenery, wildlife and historical buildings in North Wales. We have beautiful sandy beaches along our... Continue Reading →

Enter The Dragon

The last time I was in this part of Wales "Dewi" wasn't there. The dragon has been made from 78 sq metres of steel sheet cut into scale shapes which are then welded onto a solid frame. Next the shapes are polished and then 12 coats of lacquer applied. In all 732 hours of work by... Continue Reading →

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