I Have The Wanderlust – Do You?

I was born and raised in a big industrial city, near the shipyards on the River Clyde. Yet, by the time I reached 16 I had visited, thanks to a great educational program part funded by the City of Glasgow, some exotic an exciting places. The Azores.Canary Islands, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Corsica and Malta.... Continue Reading →

Olive Brindley Johnson (Doyle or Hardisty)

You could argue, "What's this got to do with photography"? My answer would be "absolutely nothing" but there's still a mystery surrounding my great-grandmother and I'll use any medium to try and solve it. My great-grandmother, Olive Brindley Johnson, was a bit of an enigma. She was born in 9th January 1869 in Hackney, Middlesex,... Continue Reading →

St Hilary’s Chapel – Denbigh

The tower and a short section of wall is all that remains of a medieval chapel of ease dedicated to St Hilary, built into the late 13th century town walls of Denbigh. The chapel was created sometime around 1300 as a depency of Whitchurch just over a mile to the east. The chapel would have been... Continue Reading →

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