Digital Art

Way back in the dim and distant past I used to create a lot of images like this using backgrounds I had created and photographed. I would then add the subject such as the lighthouse and blend the two together. In this one I have used a stock image from Fotolia and then blended in... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

A lot of my work has doors in it, or the suggestion of doors. We all open the same door many times over and over and each time we open it new light comes in, different air, a fresh experience, an old experience slips out and gets loose in the room.   - Stephanie Torbert I... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost In The Details

Interesting choice for this weeks challenge. I’m on a tight schedule this week with Focus on Imaging on Tuesday and the opening of the long awaited in-town shopping centre on Thursday. I’m also still trying to process the 500 hundred or so photographs from last Thursdays trip to the National Slate Museum so for this... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Sometimes as photographers we reach a point where we think “am I doing this right, should I be changing something, maybe I’m just standing still?” Over the past weeks I have struggled to find a suitable image for the weekly challenge and then once I have found it, I wonder if it’s good enough. Don’t... Continue Reading →

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