Miyajima Island

This is going to be a long one, so get a drink, sit down and have a look at the photographs from Miyajima Island. This is only a selection, I spent all day on the island and although I visited the most important temples and shrines, I know I missed some. There was so much... Continue Reading →


It’s three weeks since I got back from Japan and only now am I getting around to really look at the photographs I have taken there. Since I got back we’ve been working on completely renovating and landscaping the back garden to make it more maintenance friendly. This has meant, clearing borders, laying weed matting... Continue Reading →

Shukkei-en Garden

After the overcrowded gardens of Kyoto it was really nice to visit somewhere peaceful and quiet, yet right in the heart of the city of Hiroshima. Shukkei-en Garden has a history dating back to 1620 when an expert in the construction of Japanese gardens was brought in from Kyoto by the seventh lord of the... Continue Reading →

Kyoto, Too Many Tourists

Early start from Hiroshima today to get into Kyoto at 08:30. Straight out to the Bamboo Trail to find thousands of tourists already there so absolutely no chance of the iconic photograph. Didn't stay long as it was just too crowded. Next stop the Golden Temple and it was worse there. I was literally marshalled... Continue Reading →

Fukuya Department Store

The plaque you can see in the photograph shows the store after the A Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. That's the store today on the opposite side of the road. The inscription says that the store was approximately 710 metres from the blast centre but it's construction of steel rods and reinforced concrete meant that... Continue Reading →

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