52/2013 Week 29

I've been doing a bit of re-branding to my blog this week. It’s now known as “Say It With A Camera” with the tag-line “Mike Hardisty Photography”. In effect I have swapped the tag-line and blog name around. You will also notice that my photographs are starting to appear with a logo on them. It’s... Continue Reading →

Springburn Express

Glasgow Corporation Tramway System was one of the largest urban tramway systems in Europe until it was phased out in 1962. Over 1000 municipally owned trams served the city of Glasgow, Scotland with over 100 route miles by 1922. Track Gauge Glasgow's tram lines had a highly unusual track gauge of 4 feet 73⁄4 inches (1,416 mm). This was to permit 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge railway wagons to... Continue Reading →

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