Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Or, for this week….”The Duke Gets A New Livery”. I have written before about the “Duke of Lancaster” an abandoned passenger ferry berthed just a long the coast from me. Nicknamed “the Funship” it has been used as night-club and a storage facility, but in recent years it has become a rusting hulk, no longer... Continue Reading →

I’m Back…

New Theme I’ve decided to restart HDR Images by Mike Hardisty for several reasons; my renewed interest in HDR Photography finding a great little plugin for Windows Live Writer, called Flickr4Writer a new theme to display the photographs Point and Shoot Now this is not the best of HDR photographs but as it was taken... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

  Wikipedia defines Purple as a range of hues of colour occurring between red and blue. In additive light combinations it occurs by mixing the primary colours red and blue in varying proportions. In human colour psychology, purple is also associated with royalty and nobility (stemming from classical antiquity when Tyrian purple was only affordable... Continue Reading →

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