52/2013 Week 28

As children we’ve probably all played with soap bubbles but they are so delicate the slightest touch and they burst. Last year I was given a packet of Magic Bubbles. They’re amazing, You create bubbles by dipping a wand into the solution, pull it out and blow gently into the wand. A stream of bubbles... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost In The Details

Interesting choice for this weeks challenge. I’m on a tight schedule this week with Focus on Imaging on Tuesday and the opening of the long awaited in-town shopping centre on Thursday. I’m also still trying to process the 500 hundred or so photographs from last Thursdays trip to the National Slate Museum so for this... Continue Reading →

Shop Local

  There is a lot to be said about shopping local and supporting your local camera shop. Today I had a problem in that I fitted an older Macro Lens to my new Pentax K-30. It wouldn't come off afterwards and I thought I had ruined the camera or would have to send it back for repair.... Continue Reading →

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