Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

“Boot Sector Not Found”. That terrible moment when you realise that the whizzy whizzy thing with the flashing lights sitting in the corner has just become an expensive brick. Now it’s been a while since I got my hands dirty in the innards of a computer but it looks like I have no choice here.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge – Object

...with most of my photographs, the subject appears as a found object, something discovered, not arranged by me. I usually have an immediate recognition of the potential image, and I have found that too much concern about matters such as conventional composition may take the edge off the first inclusive reaction. - Ansel Adams How... Continue Reading →

Macro – Week 5/52 of 2014

It’s only when you photograph a lens close-up do you realise how dirty and dusty it is. When i come back from every photography day out I have a regime of cleaning my camera and lenses. Do you? I use a soft brush and air blower to remove sand and dust, looks like I’m going... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

Do you ever wonder how they come up with the subject for the Weekly Photo Challenge? I know I do, because sometimes their choice seems strange to say the least.Welsh ponies are allowed to roam wild in many parts of our countryside, locally, the Carneddau mountains in Snowdonia has a semi-feral population of about 180... Continue Reading →

Depth of Field – Week 4/52 of 2014

I have featured this lighthouse so many times in my photographs that by now should be able to name it without prompting from me. No prizes for guessing, but what’s it called? And so to this weeks challenge. In optics, particularly as it relates to film and photography, depth of field (DOF) is the distance... Continue Reading →

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