52/2013 Week 28

As children we’ve probably all played with soap bubbles but they are so delicate the slightest touch and they burst. Last year I was given a packet of Magic Bubbles. They’re amazing, You create bubbles by dipping a wand into the solution, pull it out and blow gently into the wand. A stream of bubbles... Continue Reading →

Another Sunset – Clichéd I Know

Clichéd I know but sunsets are rather easy to capture. For one you can sort of see what the day has been like, you can see the cloud formations starting to take shape and then all you need to do is take the photograph. Golden Hour last night was from 19:40 until about 20:30, not... Continue Reading →

World Pentax Day

Well actually World Pentax Weekend. Over the weekend of the 23/24 May Pentax camera users from around the world are encouraged to go out and have some fun doing what we all love best, Photography. We can then upload our favourite photos to the World PENTAX Day gallery, giving a snapshot of the entire world,... Continue Reading →

52/2013 Week 2

It’s a busy week this week but I managed to take advantage of almost clear blue skies and a two hour break in my calendar to visit my favourite lighthouse. At this time of the year the beach is usually deserted and yesterday was no exception. Apart from one couple walking their dogs I had... Continue Reading →

52/2013 Week 1

I don’t know why I have committed to doing this challenge again but I’m in so here’s the first photograph. My reasons for taking this should be pretty obvious. I just thought it was so ironic that there were all those very important safety messages and dire warnings. Yet right next to it there’s a... Continue Reading →

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