Weekly Photo Challenge: New

It’s 2015 and WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is New. I’m struggling, I have to admit. It’s morning and right now I’m sitting in my office trying to think of something to write. The house is quiet, even “Grumpy Old Man” hasn't stirred from his bed yet. He’s nice and warm lying under a radiator. Outside... Continue Reading →

Good News!

In a dramatic turn around Yahoo owned Flickr have decided to cease selling Creative Commons licensed photographs through their Wall Art service. Bowing to pressure from many on-line photographers Yahoo have accepted that selling Creative Commons photographs went against the spirit of CC Licensing. So where does that leave “Say It With A Camera”? I... Continue Reading →

Converge – It’s In The Lines

This weeks challenge is to submit a photograph where objects converge. It could be people, lines in architecture, or maybe a road disappearing into the distance. The cloisters at Paisley Abbey in Scotland fits into this category. Don’t you think? Paisley Abbey Cloisters by Mike Hardisty on 500px Regular readers will have noticed that I... Continue Reading →

2011 in Review

Looking back over this past year I realised I had taken an awful lot of photographs. Of course not all of them are "keepers" but there were many that I really liked. Now I'm a great fan of HDR and I do use it in a lot of my images, although not necessarily those shown... Continue Reading →

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