Big In Japan

Today finds me on the inland sea. I'm on the ferry from Matsuyama back to Hiroshima, a trip of about 2 hours 40 minutes. About is the wrong word to use in Japan when it comes to official times. If they say 2h 40m that's exactly what they mean. Anyway it's big, the Royal Wedding,... Continue Reading →

Fukuya Department Store

The plaque you can see in the photograph shows the store after the A Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. That's the store today on the opposite side of the road. The inscription says that the store was approximately 710 metres from the blast centre but it's construction of steel rods and reinforced concrete meant that... Continue Reading →

Mitaki Temple

OK! So it's hot an oppressive in the city. 29 degrees, the humidity is about 75% and rising because we have had a weather warning for severe thunderstorms tonight. This morning I went to Mitaki Temple, but it's not just a Temple. There are sprawling landscaped gardens and buildings nestled in woodland up the hillside.... Continue Reading →

A Quiet Day, Today

Today I'm having a rest. I've been out and about a lot and needed to attend to essentials, like getting some laundry done. Still on my bucket list to do Visit Kyoto - Sunday The Inland Sea - Thursday Mitaki Temple - Friday Night Photograpy - Saturday That leaves Monday before I fly home. Probably... Continue Reading →

Just Another Castle

After leaving the bridge we walked through the town stopping along the way to admire some traditional Japanese houses and have a chat with the locals. I don't speak Japanese but a few spoke English, could be something to do with a large US base nearby. Anyway our plan was to ascend the mountain to... Continue Reading →

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