Kintai Bridge

The planned trip to Kyoto has been put off until the weekend. With temperatures hitting 30 degrees it seemed prudent to put off the trip until later. It's no fun lugging camera gear around what would be a hot and oppressive city. So today it was 29 degrees but we headed to Iwakuni and the... Continue Reading →

Hiroshima A Bomb Dome

Today is Thursday and I've been getting out and about but I'm frazzled. Jet lag seems to have stepped in and brought me to a tired halt. So today I'm taking it easy in preparation for sandankyo gorge tomorrow. Yesterday I spent the day in the Hiroshima Peace Park wandering around the many iconic memorials... Continue Reading →

Risk Assessment

I have just received an addendum to my Photographers Liability Insurance Policy from my insurance company entitled Seasonal Variations and Exclusions. It’s a rather strange, have a look and let me know what you think. Each year we are required to inform you that should you be intending to photograph anyone dashing  through the snow... Continue Reading →

A Mixed Bag This Week

A bit of a mixed bag this week for the challenge. It’s strange how we all interpret a theme differently but this is how I see security. Weston-super-Mare has some fantastically wide and long beaches but it has one major failing. The tide goes out such a long distance and after the sand ends horrible... Continue Reading →

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