It’s Halloween

Depends where you live in the world you might have a different name for tonight's fun and games. Round our way we don’t have any of the “little darlings” banging on our door and squealing “Trick or Treat”. I think the trick I played on them a couple of years back has scared them all... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

  Interesting challenge this week considering that only last week I was talking about Digital Art. I'm going to walk you through some of the steps I took in creating a Vintage Travellers Diary, which involves using Photoshop Brushes and merging in many photographs to create the final image. Each of the elements that you... Continue Reading →

Fun with Photoshop Brushes

If you are a digital artist or photographer can you can make use of the Photoshop brushes for all sorts of effects such as this.   But what is a brush? Brushes in Photoshop and other graphics programs are used to determine the shape of the line you paint with when you use the paint brush tool. They also... Continue Reading →


It's that time of the year again, the blackberries are starting to appear.... My thanks to Jerry Jones aka skeletalmess for the use of the textures from his excellent tutorial

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