Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

  Interesting challenge this week considering that only last week I was talking about Digital Art. I'm going to walk you through some of the steps I took in creating a Vintage Travellers Diary, which involves using Photoshop Brushes and merging in many photographs to create the final image. Each of the elements that you... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

  What's wrong with this image. Not so much, but it is overexposed and wouldn't be easy to correct. It's slightly blurred as well but I'm an optimist and I believe that no matter how bad a photograph is, you can always do something with it. For that reason I never throw anything away. Although... Continue Reading →

Light Bulb Reflection

One of the ways I taught myself to use Photoshop in my photography workflow was just by playing. I've had some great results this way, although sometimes it was more by trial and error and that's how I found out about Photoshop Actions. Photoshop Actions are just a way to record a series of commands... Continue Reading →

Sliders Sunday

For this weeks Sliders Sunday I have used a photograph of my favourite lighthouse at Talacre. Taken at sunset it was still a little too bright so I darkened it down by adjusting the levels in Photoshop. Next a layer mask was used to reduce the effect of the levels adjustment on the lighthouse. Colours... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

As a mainly landscape/seascape photographer I don't usually do photographs that would immediately spring to mind as unusual. But in the dim and distant past when I was first teaching myself to use PhotoChop I used to experiment a lot with textures and brushes. So for this weeks challenge I created this image using an... Continue Reading →

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