Historic Churches and Chapels

Over the past few weeks I have been visiting some of the small churches and chapels in the Conwy Valley, North Wales to photograph them. Some of the churches are easy to find, others not so, being located down remote country lanes or on the top of mountains. Claimed to be the oldest church in... Continue Reading →

52/2013 Week 15

It’s been a busy week, preparing for Ambleside and then to cap it all the weather was not great. Quite a lot of rain but there again we were in the Lake District and I suppose the lakes wouldn't exist without the rain. Anyway to escape the aforesaid rain I took the opportunity to visit St. Mary’s... Continue Reading →

According to the Domesday Book there was a Church here in 1086.  The Churchyard is circular and some historians have suggested that this points to a burial site even before Christian times. The oldest part of the present Church is at the rear and this was built sometime in the 1200's. Related articles The Domesday Book... Continue Reading →

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